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Save the Delta Queen bill introduced to the U.S. Senate

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    Attach to another bill

    My friends, it seems that the 1970 situation could be upon us. I wonder why none of the DELTA QUEEN's congressional friends hasn't attached the exemption bill to another important piece of legislation, such as the financial market bill. Surely, no one would vote against that bill, and maybe the boat could be saved in the process. Just my two cents.


      Well, it's too late to attach such wording to save the DELTA QUEEN on the recently passed Senate Bill to bail out Wall Street. Which, bye the way, the Kentucky Senator not in favor of the DELTA QUEEN, Jim Bunning, voted a resounding no against. Hopefully, he will listen to the will of the citizens of Kentucky when Senate Bill 3498 comes to a vote.


        Mark, be sure Rep, Chabot's and Sen. Voinovich's staff are having an eye on this and will user any occasion to do so. This just need to be done in the quiet, otherwise it will not go through in secrecy ...

        Unfortunately it's not so easy to do this anyway because technically there are only few types of bills where you can do this at all. And as far as I know there is no such bill available at the moment where we could attach the exemption.


          They should make the DQ exemption some sort of pork legislation, like giving the company a multimillion $ tax break along with the exemption. A lot of oink was attached to the bailout the Senate passed. That seems to be the ticket. Fine bunch of people we have representing us!


            Yes, that's kind of what I was thinking. Congressional bills filled with pork projects. And, this is one pork project that would be a good one. And, it would be one way to go around the Oberstar's out there.