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    Whenever Oberstar says he won't allow the DQ to endanger lives blah blah blah, I've never heard a reporter follow up with the question: Why don't you allow the representatives of the people of the US decide this? Why is it only your decision?


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      This link should take you to the video.


        BTW, if you know of anyone having trouble viewing the report on my site (some browsers have trouble with Flash), we've now got the video on YouTube as well -- it's at "" -- spread the word. Here's a clickable link


          YouTube link

          Thanks for the YouTube link. It would probably bee a good idea if everyone opened that site and left a comment and rating.


            It's a shame to think that some strong armed politics could forever end the era and tradition of the last true remaining steamboat for all future generations. I'm glad to see this issue is finally receiving national attention by a major network.


              It is indeed heartening to see that a national network is finally covering our story. This kind of exposure is just what the campaign needs. However, I have to voice concern over some of the comments made in the video. To say that she "doesn't mean a thing" if she's not operating overnight is outright false. As we all know, the boat means something regardless of what happens to her. And claiming "I'd just as soon see her burn up" has a doubly hurtful effect: it is a sentiment harbored by the opposing side of this issue, and it asserts that the boat will eventually burn catastrophically.

              I'm not posting this to make enemies. I simply believe that negativity of this type does not cast our efforts in a good light. The way to convince people is to maintain a positive message and to stay unified in that message.


                Right you are, Jon. And as we all know, boats and other things in life evolve, like it or not. I hope we can be successful in the fight to obtain the exemption, and of course we should continue that fight until the very end, but there are other boats and other entities that have gone on to be something other than their original purpose, and do well at that. We are thankful to have the LONE STAR, the GEO. M. VERITY, QUEEN MARY, etc. and future generations will be just as glad to have the DQ whenever that time comes. Hoopefully that will be long after I am gone.


                  Jon, my take on Vicki's "burn up" comments were that though her words were unfortunate (I winced) her intentions are exactly the opposite. I suspect the words just came out with the nervousness of having a TV camera, national camera no less, stuck in her face. Vicki has worked very hard for our cause...I'm pretty sure it was a good part of Vicki's work that got FOXNEWS on the boat in the first place.

                  Which takes me to a little ditty that Vicki e-mailed some of us. I guess Michael Cummins, the candidate running against Sir Oberstar, Knight of Doublespeak has written a letter to the editor of Time Magazine concerning their recent article on Mark Twain and within the letter perfectly introducing the Delta Queen's plight. I'd post it here but as much as I try I can't get it to copy/paste. Anybody have the letter, post it here? Superbly worded, exactly slamming who should be slammed, and with a little luck another national media source will be exposed to the ol' girls fight. If nobody can post it, I'll copy it word for word tomorrow...

                  But I will say, that the boat means a whole bunch less to me if she's not running, not exactly "nothing" but less, I'm sorry...
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                    Here is the letter, fantastic. Keep your fingers crossed that Time chooses his letter for printing:

                    Dear Time Magazine:
                    It is ironic that you have chosen Mark Twain as your cover story of the week at a time when an institution for which he had little respect-the United States Congress-is on the brink of destroying the only remaining link to the era that inspired his greatest work. The Delta Queen, the last authentic steamboat carrying overnight passengers on our inland waterways, is on the brink of being put out of operation because Congress is cowering before James Oberstar, the all-to-powerful chairman of the all-to-powerful Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure, who for reasons of his own wants to destroy this National Historic Landmark.

                    I currently am running against Mr. Oberstar in the 8th District of Minnesota, and I continue to hear from those who love and appreciate the Delta Queen. I have heard from all four corners of the country and they are all saying the same thing: Save the Delta Queen. It amazes me how we have gotten to the point in this country where we are willing to allow our historical icons to fall by the wayside for political gain. That is not the America that I love and appreciate.

                    If we do not protect our treasures in this country from special interests, then we are basically removing history from the hearts and minds of the American people. We need to stand up for America and we need to stand up for those who need our help and, yes, that includes steamboats.

                    Congress is a bunch of grown up children and it is about time that they start acting their age. Is it any wonder that the Congress has a 15% approval rating in this country?


                    Michael Cummins
                    Republican Nominee for Minnesota's 8th Congressional District


                      When did this actually run? We watched Fox news from 5:40 until 7:30 (Texas time) and did not see it. Fortunately I was able to link to it from this thread. (Thannks!) I am dielighted for the national coverage, but was disappointed that no one called the Illustious Representative on his blatently untrue statements.


                        I agree with you David. I believe the recent Fox News story is just the opening we've been needing to expose this manipulative dirty trick to the general public. The public should recognize Oberstar for the real life "Homer Bedloe" character that he is. Just like Homer Bedloe in Petticoat Junction, he will do all within his power to see this piece of history shut down forever with no regard as to what others think. Luckily the public now has a forum to voice their own opinions.

                        Originally posted by David Dewey View Post
                        When is someone going to challenge Oberstar's misleading statements about the Coast Guard?? He's mislead congress on this, and everyone else when he talks about the DQ. And what a self-absorbed, pompus, er, ah, well this is a family list. What makes him think HE should be the one to "protect" the American Public!!!
                        This is so frustrating, but at last we have made one national forum.
                        David D.


                          Excellent letter! What are his chances of de-throning Oberstar?