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A new push in Congress

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    A new push in Congress

    Greetings Steamboaters:

    I received the following email this morning. Let's all take action on this one.

    Date: Mon, 11 Feb 2008 19:23:35 -0500

    The Delta Queen's fate could be decided during the week of February 25-29, when the Coast Guard reauthorization bill is scheduled for consideration by the full House of Representatives. Congressman Steve Chabot will introduce an amendment to the bill that, if allowed by the Rules Committee, will continue the Delta Queen's long-standing exemption from the 1966 Safety at Sea Act.

    Even if you have done so already, please contact your Representative and urge him or her to vote for this bill. And ask everyone you know to do the same. You can either call or send emails or (better yet) faxes to Washington offices this week or to district offices next week, when members of Congress will be home for a Presidents' Day work period.


    Best regards,

    Vicki Webster
    Save the Delta Queen Campaign

    Thanks for all your help.


    A great chance, if we do it right! We need to convince the members of the House's Committee on Rules to accept the amendment to the bill. For that we need to tell them that how important it is for America to keep the Delta Queen running and we need to tell them why the Delta Queen is absolutely safe to travel on. Most of them are up for re-election in 2008 so they might listen to us, even when Rep. Oberstar asks them to not allow the amendment being amended to the Coast Guard Authorization Bill.

    I'll send out more details about this as soon as possible by the newsletter and of course will post more information here, too, to give you all the information you need when contacting the Rules Committee members.

    The Coast Guard Authorization Bill H.R.2830, and if you wonder - yes, it's the 2007 Authorization Bill that still has not passed legislation.

    More information at, soon. I'll keep you posted here.



      Very important--this could really be our chance. There is a lot of thinking going on right now about how to handle this possible opportunity. This is my understanding, which Franz will clarify as we get more info: the Rules Committee meets each day, deciding whether to allow amendments to be attached to existing bills, so we will not know until the last minute if Rep. Chabot's amendment will be allowed. For now, my suggestion is this: If you or someone you know lives in a district a Rules Committee member represents, NEXT WEEK fax a letter to that person in his/her home district or even better, make an appointment to visit that person. They should be home in their district before reconvening to consider legislation. We have put together a list of the Rules Committee members; Vicki Webster has put together a comprehensive set of documents for each state. I have both if you need them. I personally have encountered misinformation among legislators, so be prepared with clear reasons why you think this should be considered by the full House. Keep the drama down! We are asking the rules committee to allow our voices to be heard by allowing every representative to consider the fate of the Delta Queen. More to come soon.
      Many thanks to Roger for posting this, and to Vicki for her behind-the-scenes work. Our tireless worker, JoAnn, will never get enough for what she does!!
      Email me at


        Mary, Thanks for the compliment. However, due to a full time job at flood stage and a part time evening job (to pay for my steamboat addiction), my efforts have been curbed back somewhat. However, when the cat is away the mice will play. With both bosses being gone this morning, so far I have sent three emails and written one letter to folks I know that live in members of the Rules Committee districts. Got to get home to get another address and phone number this weekend for two more contacts, one in Vermont and one in Tampa.

        WHEN we get this exemption, it will not be the work of one individual. There has been much going on behind the scenes. We'll probably never know exactly who all has really helped. But kudos to EVERYONE involved! I would like to add though, that until the exemption is signed, sealed and delivered the work is not complete. So whether you have done anything previously to help the campaign it's not to late to start. And for those that have done something, don't stop now. Keep your shoulder to the wheel!!!!

        It has been a tremendous boost to our spirits that Majestic America Line has now publicly supported the effort.

        Full steam ahead!!!!
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