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    Campaign continues

    There was a news article recently in a "rivertown" paper that said the campaign was waivering. NOT SO!!! Folks we have to rally around our beloved boat, the DELTA QUEEN, and do all in our power to see that she continue's to enchant young and old alike for generations to come.

    It has been brought to my attention that the petitions that we have been gathering signatures on are VERY helpful. I have blank ones made up if anyone would like for me to send them one please email me at this site with your email address and I'll be glad to forward one to you. Or feel free to make up your own.

    There are so many ways to collect signatures. 1) Ask everyone that you see. 2) Leave them at local businesses) 3) Attend events where lots of folks will be.

    I have had luck at festivals this fall. Even though my little town is not directly on the river, my library lets me leave one there and also my local jewelry store lets me leave one on their display case. I always carry one in my purse so at my semi annual dental check up I asked my dentist and his office staff to sign it. I ALWAYS wear my SAVE THE DELTA QUEEN pin. Many times I don't have to ask for signatures as folks will say, "what's wrong with the DELTA QUEEN"? They think she has something physically wrong with her. But when I explain about our Congress they can't wait to put their signature on the petition.

    You can send your signed petitions by fax to Mr. Chabot's Washington office to the attention of Anna Rack. The fax number is 202-225-3012. Just make sure your contact information is available to them. I keep my originals in case they need them, but so far I've not been contacted about them.

    But of course, the best way to SAVE THE DELTA QUEEN, is to get your local Representative to co-sponsor Bill # H.R. 3852. I make sure I send a copy of the petitions to my representative too since he has not signed on as co-sponsor.

    Keep up the steam (as one of our river buffs says)!

    Jo Ann, I have 350 -400 more signatures going to Anna tomorrow. About half from our AQ trip and the other half sent from an unnamed source, returned back to me via those big manila envelopes Deb and I passed out on the DQ this fall. Whoever sent me those, and I can imagine a few people that may have done it, THANKS!


      Joe Ueberroth, president of Majestic America Line, will relaunch the Save the Delta Queen campaign on the Jason Lewis radio talk show tomorrow afternoon (Thursday, January 31) at 6:30 CST on Minneapolis FM 100.3 KTLK.

      Listen to the broadcast live online at at 4:30 pm Pacific time.

      I had a wonderful phone chat with Joe Uebberoth today. I also met with him in Newport Beach, CA a few weeks ago. Friends, he is passionate about our cause. Please believe that Majestic America Line and Ambassadors, Inc. is fighting along with the rest of us to Save the Delta Queen.

      Hope you read this in time to listen to the Jason Lewis show tonight.


        A recording of the program is available on the podcast page of the radio station:
        (Jason Lewis - KTLK FM, 1/31 - 6pm)


          At the end of the interview/broacast Mr. Lewis indicated he was going to be hosting the Rush radio show the next day, did anyone listen to see if he brought this up on the nat'l airwaves?