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    Well, that part is true, but the "risk for deterioration" should be "ARE deteriorating" this problem has been around a long time, budgets are cut, so personell and maintenance are slashed too. SOME of our parks are doing quite nicely, thank you, and many of them are not "Endangered areas" -- they just won't be as hospitable to humans. So, this inclusion, IMHO is a POLITICAL one, the Trust is making a statement--just as they are by not including the Delta Queen!!!
    David D.


      We could probably come up with dozens of equal or greater historic places. What a list. At least they could have mentioned places that are a little better known. Sounds pretty political to me. Our 150 year old Governor's Mansion was almost destroyed by fire a few weeks ago. That should put it on anybody's endangered list. Fortunately the State of Texas does not need the National Trust to point that out and will restore the building, regardless. So what is the purpose of the list? Does it really rescue anything? Is the National Trust worth a tinker's dam when it comes to bulldozers and hardheaded politicians? For many years the maritime heritage of this nation has been kept barely alive by a precious few, while one great vessel after another rots into oblivion. Boats just don't figure in a lot of people's equation, including the Nationa Trust.


        As I had mentioned early-on in another thread, the National Trust will not put the DQ in the top 11 endangered landmarks because she has a relatively new steel hull and is completely operational.

        The DQ is threatened in a way that is dear to us, and that is her legal ability to take overnight passengers. The threat is due to political "BS", and not due to her present state of repair. The vessel itself is in good condition, and the political stuff does not make the maintenance of the vessel threatened enough, at present, to put on the list.

        But if the exemption fails and she is laid-up for a while, then I'm sure the DQ would easily go to the top of all threatened landmark lists!