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  • Paul Bowman
    Jim Cullum, the famed Dixieland bandleader at the Landing in San Antonio, has posted a nice article about the Delta Queen situation in the Dec. edition of the newsletter on his website. Jim has a very large fan-base, so this is a good bit of publicity. Also, there is a good article about the Goldenrod.

    Paul Bowman

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  • R. Dale Flick
    Hi, steamboating colleagues:
    The 'so far' list is good but more needs to be done here. I've approached not only the congessional reps but city council here. Forget the County Commissioners. So far nothing...but in some ways expected. David and others here know what the process is like. First, I write...don't phone. Since the November elections many incumbents here were returned to office. From Civic Association work, City Hall inititiatives I saw that arriving correspondence, E=Mails [Checked for veracity] and now FAXES, are 'date/time stamped' and put in order of business to be addressed under the appropriate committee with a chair person. Unfortunately, many meetings are held once a week, every two weeks or once a month. Something with the words DELTA QUEEN won't make these people stop with excitement. We have horrendous issues here in town now RE: crime, business development, police/fire initiatives, racial/ethnic matters, sports development projects, education etc. I learned never to demand beyond what I could give in return. David, in all respect, I don't know who the "No" people may have been but I know I wasn't one. We're all together in this. It's up and on...but be prepared. I'd rather have an elected official come clean and reply that they don't have the concern or that appeals are from outside their districts. Because we vote for a candidate doesn't mean they are going to tell us what we want to hear. Some of these people indicate they are "tired of being badgered."

    At a recent meeting I addressed, again, the DQ initiative issue to my table of ten men. When mentioned one looked over his glasses, "The DELTA QUEEN? Here we go again." Another in business said, "That is a corporate issue under onwership...not in the public domain." Natch, I settled a little lower in my red leather board chair. One unnamed congressional rep replied in a friendly way over dinner, "Dale, in one week I addressed issues on: deaths/casualties in Iraq; GM motor strike; jobs bleeding out of the country to Asia; Foreign Relations issues. Now, if in my shoes, which ones do you think I'm going to address first?"

    Jo Ann, and many others, have done legion work much appreciated by all. The number of signatures on petitions at on/around 1,000 gave me pause. When Betty Blake and Bill Muster coordinated the earlier DQ exemption issue they literally trundled rolls of petitions to the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C. The cameras were rolling and when the petition containing thousands and thousands of signatures was unrolled it spread from the plaza up the marble steps to the doors of the Capitol Building. Most impressive and it made the point. Times were differet then. Just look at the issues nationally and financially facing the average person today. There are legions here in town who have absolutely no knowledge or concern about not only the Ohio River but the DELTA QUEEN. It hurts, but true.

    We've worked in one way or another; some more or less. I think we'll all be glad when this issue is over and way or another. The wheels grind slowly and finely with life going on.

    R. Dale Flick

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  • David Vrooman
    Jim --

    Jim Armstrong and I discussed this issue when he went after Pittsburgh/Allegheny County. I expressed delight and amazement when he said that he thought that he could deliver up there -- I was afraid that the DQ generated too small a percentage of their tourism dollars for them to care very much (it's much more significant for Marietta, Red Wing, and Point Pleasant). I don't know the status of their resolution, but I take the absence of a report not to be a good sign.

    But that doesn't mean that we shouldn't try. I have had a problem getting people to try: of 5 people (frequent posters on this board) whom I asked to pursue just one of our 3 most conspicuous gaps (Cincinnati, St. Louis, and Memphis), only two even bothered to tell me "no." On the positive side, Jon Tschiggfrie and Tom Hawkins are working on St. Paul, Lexie Palmore is working on New Orleans and Baton Rouge, Jo Ann Schoen is working on Louisville, and Gayle Hindman is working on Nashville.

    But we still have gaps. If anyone out there lives in or near those gaps and is willing to step into the breach, the rest of us would be most grateful.

    Dave V.
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  • Jo Ann Schoen
    Yeah! I just got New Albany's Resolution this morning! I'm still working on Louisville.

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  • Jim Herron
    Where are the big cities? Any progress on resolutions from St. Paul, St. Louis, Memphis,
    Louisville, Cincinnati, Paducah, New Orleans, Nashville, Baton Rouge, etc.? Chattanoga seems to be the only one so far. It seems to me that these could add more weight to the effort to influence elected officials.

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  • David Vrooman
    Updated resolution list

    In the interest of saving everyone the time of checking multiple postings, I will try to keep the following resolution list up to date in this single posting. If you have an addition, let me know, and I will edit the list.

    Here it is -- alphabetically, and without attribution:

    Ashland, KY
    Boyd County, KY
    Bridgeport, AL
    Burlington, IA
    Catlettsburg, KY
    Chattanooga, TN (C of C)
    Cincinnati, OH
    Clark County, IN
    Clarksville, IN
    Columbus, OH
    Corydon, IN
    Dubuque, IA
    Dubuque County Historical Society (IA)
    East Liverpool, OH
    Evansville, IN
    Gallipolis, OH
    Grandview, IN
    Greenup, KY
    Hastings, MN
    Heritage Ohio
    Howard Steamboat Museum
    Ironton, OH
    Kentucky House of Representatives
    Keokuk, IA
    Lockland, OH
    Louisville, KY
    Madison, IN
    Marietta, OH
    Maysville, KY
    Middle Ohio R. Chapter, S&D of Pioneer Rivermen
    Natchez, MS
    National Rivers Hall of Fame
    New Albany, IN
    New Richmond, OH
    Ohio House of Representatives
    Paducah, KY
    Pittsburgh, PA
    Point Pleasant, WV
    Red Wing, MN
    St. Paul, MN
    Sewickley, PA
    Sheffield, AL
    Vanceburg, KY
    Wabasha, MN
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  • inactive user 02
    Jo Ann and David,

    While the DELTA QUEEN was in Grandview, IN I spoke with people at the Town Hall and lead them to this site. They were able to pass a resolution that evening. So add them to the list!

    Thanks to David for posting the information here so it was easy to lead the proverbial horse to the water....result...he drank!


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  • David Vrooman
    Here's my end-of-November list (beyond Jo Ann's and David's):

    Heritage Ohio (the National Trust's state affiliate)
    Point Pleasant (by Barb Hameister)
    Boyd County, KY (by Jim Armstrong)
    Bridgeport, AL (by John Lewis)
    Lockland, OH (reported by John Lewis)
    Chattanooga (C of C, by Pat Carr)

    The above folks have other resolution requests in the works as well.

    Dave V.
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  • Jo Ann Schoen
    I believe David Vrooman might have an updated list of cities/agencies that have passed the Resolution. So far I've gotten Clarksville and Corydon, Indiana and the Howard Steamboat Museum. I'm working on Louisville, New Albany, Madison, and Charlestown Indiana and the Floyd and Clark County Commissioners. What we think should be a piece of cake seems to be a sllllooooowwwww process.

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  • David Tschiggfrie
    started a topic Updated List of Cities Passing Resolutions

    Updated List of Cities Passing Resolutions

    Neal Kapp has asked whether there is a posting on the board giving a current listing of those communties who have adopted resolutions in support of the DELTA QUEEN. To my knowledge, there is not a coordinated overall list that is current, but that information may be helpful for those of us who are working to generate support from this quarter. To my knowledge, the list of resolutions on the Upper Mississippi which have been passed to date are from city councils in Hastings, Red Wing, and Keokuk. I am working hard on the Dubuque city council, and my sample resolution has been forwarded to the city manager for his recommendation to the full council at a future meeting. The council's secretary assures me I will be invited to the meeting where it is discussed. Those of you working on getting resolutions passed by cities on the Ohio, Lower Mississippi, Kanawha, Illinois, St. Croix, Tennessee, Cumberland, etc. please update our list so we know where to concentrate efforts. Thank you!