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    Thank you for the compliment. Gee 500large?? Gee, that'd be enough to; a) buy the company, b) Bribe congress
    Oh wait, did I type that out loud??
    (thought we might could use a small bit of humor today, albiet very small!)
    David D.
    PS The national Landmark status is not completely without value--it's a good emotional tug for many--we gotta use what we've got, especially without MAL's support!


      Way to go, Marian!

      Marian --

      Your optimism and relentlessness are exactly what will win the day. Cincinnati isn't hopeless. Indeed, Jo Ann just landed Louisville for us; Louisville has the same urban problems that Cincinnati has, and they don't have the extensive DQ ties that Cincinnati has. Of all the DQ's major ports, Cincinnati should be the least difficult. Stay on them.

      Dave V.


        I just received an email from Councilwoman Leslie Ghiz. She states,"I introduced a resolution (item #200701156) on November 7 that was referred to committee. I fully expect the resolution to be passed before the Christmas break. Like you, I am committed to preserving this historical Cincinnati tradition."
        Well, so far so good.


          Congratulations to both JoAnn and Marian on their efforts with Louisville and Cincy. One thing to tell those you are working on for resolutions is that a resolution carries no cost to their cities and, if the DQ is saved, will bring tourists (and their wallets) to town.


            Has anyone posted a sample resolution that could be proposed to a city council on the discussion board that I have missed? A sample resolution might be helpful. Legislators usually have to be spoon fed this stuff sometimes to get them moving.



              HereĀ“s the resulution by John Lewis (in this case used by the city of Gallipolis)




                Marian, David & steamboating colleagues:
                Marian, I just received a most positive E=Mail here from Councilwoman, Leslie Ghiz, in support of 1st Dist. Rep. Steven Chabot's initiative. Things working and moving on. I returned thanks.

                R. Dale Flick


                  Ted --

                  In addition to Carmen's post of John's resolution, there is my posting of Jim McDonald's Boyd County resolution (on page 2 of the forum display: "Sample local DQ resolutions" per 9-27-07).

                  Dave V.


                    One More DQ Resolution to Report

                    At the December 12th meeting of the board of the National Rivers Hall of Fame in Dubuque, a resolution supporting an exemption for the DELTA QUEEN was unanimously passed. Board members present directed that the resolution be forwarded not only to Iowa's Congressional delegation, but also to the delegations of all river states in which the DELTA QUEEN cruises. Teri Goodman from the NRHOF/Dubuque County Historical Society has also been in contact with Iowa senators Tom Harkin and Chuck Grassley to elicit their support as well. Finally, the Planning Services Manager in Dubuque, Laura Carstens, an assistant to the City Manager, was directed to research the resolution which I sent to the Dubuque City Council and the City Manager in October, and report back to him for a recommendation. I suggested that Laura watch Jonathan's DVD program for background information (copies are also in the hands of the City Council and Manager) and I expect Dubuque to adopt the resolution within a week. So things are picking up here on the Upper Mississippi! Let's keep up the good work and spread the word in any way we can.


                      Listed below is another sample resolution which I have used here on the Upper Mississippi, based on the great examples provided by others who post on this message board. To date, it has been adopted by three groups up here, and I hope to add one more to that list shortly. Let's continue to get the word out!

                      A RESOLUTION
                      Of the City Council of Dubuque, Iowa
                      Urging Congress to Provide for the Permanent Exemption
                      of the Steamer Delta Queen
                      from the Provisions
                      of the Safety of Life at Sea Act of 1966

                      WHEREAS the Delta Queen is a living connection to the culture and history of the Mississippi River and all of its tributaries; and

                      WHEREAS this steamboat is a national treasure listed on the National Register of Historic Places and designated a National Historic Landmark; and

                      WHEREAS the vessel is an original and the last of her kind, the culmination of the art of steamboat craftsmen, an authentic sternwheel overnight passenger steamboat like those that helped foster the growth and settlement of our nation; and

                      WHEREAS the Delta Queen has operated safely for eighty years (the last forty of those under extensions previously granted by Congress) and has been updated with fire detection and suppression equipment in addition to her extensive sprinkler system in all public and passenger spaces, employs the use of fabrics treated with NASA-developed fire-resistant materials, is patrolled every twenty minutes at night by fire watchmen, has a crew trained and drilled regularly in emergency evacuation procedures, and is regularly inspected each year by the United States Coast Guard; and

                      WHEREAS the Safety at Sea Act was written to apply to ocean-going vessels whose routes are remote from land and from other vessels, while the Delta Queen can be safely landed within minutes over the entire route she traverses; and

                      WHEREAS the steamboat contributes to the economy of the river communities where she is based and where she makes shore stops through the goods and services purchased by her passengers and crew, by the company which owns the vessel, and by the third party businesses which provide the boat and her passengers with amenities and services; and

                      WHEREAS our nation would suffer an irreparable loss if her operation were suspended, thereby depriving the traveling public the opportunity to enjoy this uniquely American river steamboat experience in current and future generations; and

                      WHEREAS the very existence of the Delta Queen is now threatened with the expiration of her exemption from the Safety at Sea Act in November 2008:

                      NOW THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the City Council of the City of Dubuque encourage the Congress of the United States to act with all due haste and foresight to provide for the permanent exemption of this magnificent and historic vessel from the provisions of the Safety at Sea Act. The Secretary of the City Council of the City of Dubuque is hereby directed to ensure delivery of copies of this resolution to all members of the Iowa Congressional delegation.

                      Done at Dubuque, Iowa this sixteenth day of December, 2007.


                        I got an email from a Dubuque, Iowa Council member this am. This on the agenda

                        "We have the Delta Queen Resolution on the Monday (12/19/07) agenda. I expect it to
                        pass without dissent."


                        Ric Jones
                        City Council Member
                        50 W. 13th Street
                        Dubuque IA 52001



                          I will be there at tonight's council meeting, and fully expect Dubuque to adopt a resolution. Will post the results after the meeting adjourns at 8:00.


                            Add one more city to the growing list of supporters for the Delta Queen. At last night's council meeting, the City of Dubuque adopted the latest resolution in support of granting the Delta Queen an exemption. And a reporter for a network TV station serving Dubuque who was present at the meeting asked to meet with me today to do a story about the boat. At least two council members mentioned information presented in the "Save the Delta Queen" video as influencing them to support the resolution. So slowly but surely, the real facts in the case are reaching our elected officials and the media seems interested in getting the word out to the general public as well. Encouraging signs.


                              Merry Christmas to All!!
                              Good Work


                                Resolution list

                                Cincinnati came through on Dec. 19 -- #23 on our list (per my updated 12-04-07 post). Still nothing downriver from Keokuk and Grandview; can we step up the pressure down there?

                                Dave V.