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    A milestone is approaching

    As of tonight, the Save the DQ on line petition has 981 signatures and comments so with only 19 more and 1,000 will have signed.

    Once 1,000 have signed, what if we mail (not email) each of those signatures and comments, one at a time, to Rep. Oberstar and Sen. Inouye?

    By mailing each one singly, someone in their offices will have to open each one and hopefully, read them. They should all be mailed at the same time. It should be indicated in a cover note where the comments are from and that replies should come to one address.

    Of course, we can wait for more signatures but receiving 1,000 pieces of mail in a short period of time on any subject should get some attention. This isn't to preclude a presentation of the entire petition at a later date but rather an idea to let those offices know that a lot of people want the DQ exempted. Many of the comments are compelling and heart warming.

    I'll pledge $ 100 toward the mailing cost if a concensus here thinks this is a good idea. If not, we can just wait until the petition is suitable to impress them.
    -Jim Herron

    981...the navigible length of the Ohio River!