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    Originally posted by Jazzou Jones View Post
    Hi Pete,

    Best wishes,

    Tom Jazzou Jones
    TOM Jones? TOM Jones? That's your real name? TOM Jones?

    Well, I guess It's Not Unusual.




      Indeed, you need to "return to the river" for a steamboat fix!

      Perhaps sometime we can have a "Riverlodeon" at the Howard Museum and everybody can bring slides for a "show and tell" program. Dave, Judy Patsch and I all have thosands of steamboat slides -- and I don't think ANYBODY on the river has more slides than Capt. Jim Blum! I'm sure there are a lot more out there too!

      As curator of steamboat collections/exhibits, I have started a series of programs entitled "River Ramblings". Visit the museum website at for news of upcoming events.

      Several years ago I inquired about the Muster Collection at the Cincinnati Historical Society and was told it had never been cataloged. Within the last year or so, Bill Muster's family has donated another large collection of his slides to the National Rivers Hall of Fame at Dubuque.

      Keep up steam!


        Yes, Paul, it's true....I got tired of women throwing their underwear and room keys at me in the Paddlewheel Lounge and singing What's New *****cat when I wanted to play rags, so I changed my name to the more riverine Jazzou - a mixture of jazz and the Yazoo. It happened during the second week of my employ, and the name was dreamed up by a passenger, James Bowman, editor of the Riverside, CA newspaper.

        What a digression from saving the Delta Queen.....let's get back on track and re-focus, Delilah.


          Pete Eveland

          Here are 2 pix from my first-ever DQ trip, Aug. 20-23, 1973. In the first one in the Texas Lounge, that's Pete on the piano, Vic Tooker on banjo and microphone, and Alice Mom Tooker on bass. Guy Pop Tooker is out of the pix to the right on drums. Pix 2, taken after the Captain's Dinner, features Capt. Ernie Wagner on the bones, playing Alabama Jubilee; Mate Gabe Chengery at the piano, Alice on bass, Vic on banjo, Pop on drums, and peeking out behind Pop is Pete on the organ. The man at the Captain's table with sideburns is Dick Billings, who was the head of the travel department of State Bank of East Moline, who had several DQ charters in the '70s, and across from Dick in the orange dress is Jeannie Kittrell, noted St. Louis area musician who is still going strong with her own band. She was a guest musician on that cruise and did a wonderful show on a brief history of jazz, including that favorite "IF You Don't Want My Peaches Then Don't Shake My Tree". Since Pete posted on another thread too, I'll post a different pix over there...
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            I had the privilege to take Jim up to Blackhawk Films a couple of times to purchase the RKO Texas videos. BF just happened to be located right by the railroad tracks in Davenport. Yes, those surreptitious showings were wonderful 'back in the days'. Another remarkable gathering occurred in the Jackson St. home of the Tschiggfries in Dubuque during a DQ stop. Dave had a reel to reel tape of various things including Doc's famous COPYCAT!!!! outburst at Gabe and several of us went over there with tape recorders to copy his tape. Offhand I recall Dave, Bob Reynolds, Lexie, Keith, Ann Zeiger, Jim Blum and myself there hunkered down in the room recording. Now here's the amazing part: look at those names and realize that we had no patch cords and were recording through the air, which meant that that illustrious group had to remain silent throughout!!!!


              It should be noted that Pete is one of the featured calliope players on the blue-covered DQ calliope album of 1976. Vic Tooker and Dan Forman are the other two on the album.



                It is so good to hear from you after all these years! Thank you for sharing these pictures. They have brought a smile to my face and warmth to the heart. :) I don't have many pictures like this as, needless to say, I was playing in the band. As Vic used to say, "keep those cards and letters coming!"




                  Hi Keith,

                  I love the idea of a Riverlodeon at the Howard Museum. We should also find a piano so we could have our own Texas Lounge sing-a-long! :) I'm looking forward to visiting the museum web site.

                  Full speed ahead!

                  "Professor" Pete