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    DQ "Cheerleader" Featured in Article

    This week's issue of The Corydon Democrat features a great article about Jo Ann Schoen's relentless and untiring efforts to save the Delta Queen. Go to and scroll down to the article entitled Schoen's Love Strong for the Queen . The story is illustrated with some of Jo Ann's DQ memorabilia.

    Thanks Keith. My intention of asking for some local coverage was to gather support from folks in Representative Baron Hill's District. His District borders on the Ohio River and covers the town of Madison, Indiana where the DELTA QUEEN always stops going up or down river. Even with this years, in my opinion, stupid schedule where they kept her in the South all summer she still made five stops in Madison. Next year she will be there 12-14 times. I lost count trying figure it out from Majestic America Lines on line schedule. Never the less, Baron Hill's office says he is not in favor of the exemption due to safety reasons. I know we're trying not to say this is a partisan issue. But with him being a Democrat, it sure appears that this representative has been listening, in my opinion, too close to James L. Oberstar of Minnesota!

    In giving the interview I reminded the gal that did it dozens of times that this was about saving the DELTA QUEEN, that it didn't have a thing to do with me. Luckily she did not print the pictures with me in them. The collectibles she did take pictures of were mostly given to me my none other than Keith Norrington!

    I only had to call the newspaper office twice to get them to understand we REALLY needed the coverage. So folks, poll your Representative and Senators. If they are not for the exemption, get a write up in your local paper and ask for support for the exemption. Also check with your local Walmart and some pretty Saturday this fall, stand out in front and ask for signatures on a petition to send to your Representative and Senators. Another good place to get signatures is at local festivals. There have been three of us that worked three different festivals and we've collected over 1,000 signatures. You'd be surprised how many signatures you can collect in a couple hours

    Let our Congressmen know that we want the DELTA QUEEN SAVED!
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      Beg to differ

      Originally posted by Jo Ann Schoen View Post
      In giving the interview I reminded the gal that did it dozens of times that this was about saving the DELTA QUEEN, that it didn't have a thing to do with me.
      Great press, Jo Ann! But, I beg to differ - it is as much about you (and all those who love her), as it is about saving the Delta Queen. By relating your personal story of your experience with the boat, you're raising awareness and may be inspiring others to spend the time and money to take a trip and become as enamored with the DQ as you are. After that, they might jump right into the fray to Save the Delta Queen.

      Betty Blake was successful because she understood people and what motivated them. She knew how to get people excited about what excited her. She would be so impressed with and proud of all you are doing! I am going to send the Corydon Democrat article to all those I know who don't follow this Message Board.

      Keep up the good work!



        And Deb and I are continuing the fight from the Ohio...Have about 120 signatures so far, talked to Mayors and town Councelors, and I've given my fifteen minute talk about the TRUE story thirty times or so. Paducah tommorow, should be a very successful day...

        By the way...Greetings from Henderson, Kentucky. Having a ball...Picnic today...We miss you all...


          Bruno, JoAnn--don't underestimate what you are doing. I've always considered that any publicity for the DQ is good for her. But I'm finding that when I tell people where I work, they say, "Oh, yeah, that's the boat they are taking out because she is a fire hazard." We really need to get this message out: The DQ is safe. The Coast Guard would not let her run if she was unsafe. She is not a fire hazard. She has heat and smoke detectors in every room, as well as sprinkler heads in each room. She has modern fire fighting and suppression systems on board. Her crew is trained and ready to respond to any emergency. I know you must be hearing the same things as you talk to people out there. But this fight is not because she is not safe--this is politics at work. Anyone who is thinking about a trip on this historic vessel should know: I sleep just fine at night, in my quarters below the waterline. We have a safe boat, and a fine crew--the best pilots on the waters, too! Keep on getting the word out.


            Amen, Amen, Mary! The DQ crew is the best - they even taught all us entertainer types, lady singers included, to man the fire hoses. Capt. Mike Williams would regularly get us out there to practice putting down fires and get us to feel just as at home wielding a hose as a horn or a microphone.

            I hear Capt. Mike Blitgen is aboard piloting right now - he's another safety fanatic who taught me much. He's also a calliope enthusiast!! Tell him hello and when he gets off to come to Maine so Diane and I can cook him a lobster.


              Alas, Jazzou--I am not aboard--they keep making me come home! Just spent a week aboard the AQ, filling in--had a fine time on our beautiful sister. I'll be back on the DQ October 22, riding for a week as a passenger, with my mother and cousin, Jane. Wish you were there! Mary