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Oberstar wants to regulate railroads

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    Oberstar wants to regulate railroads

    Killing the DQ isn't the only thing on Rep. James Oberstar's agenda. He also wants to regulate the railroads again. A news release is enclosed below. One interesting thing here is that he attended and spoke at a breakfast sponsored by Dittus Communications, The Hill news group and the American Chemistry Council. If anyone in our effort has contacts within these groups, perhaps they should be asked to assist with getting Oberstar's mind changed about the DQ.

    September 28, 2007
    Oberstar: New administration could aid rereg bill

    House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee Chairman Jim Oberstar (D-Minn.) has pledged a long-term effort to advance legislation to regulate freight railroad rates. "It is realistic to think that this can become law, and if not in the context of the present administration, in a subsequent administration," Oberstar said at a Thursday breakfast sponsored by Dittus Communications, The Hill news group, and the American Chemistry Council.

    "We're going to do a bill, it will be reported by this committee and it will reach the House floor," vowed Oberstar. He acknowledged difficulties in moving the bill this year given Congress' intent to adjourn on Nov. 16. But Oberstar said he would seek to move it "very early" in the next session.

    He is also attempting to place such restrictive regulations on the space tourist industry that, if he succedes, the business will never get off the ground. (pun intended)


      Man! What a control freak!! Obviously he's a proponent of big government.


        Just now, I wrote to my Congressman--Jim Jordan of Ohio:

        Regarding the renewing of the exemption from the Safety of Life at Sea for the steamer Delta Queen: I read that Congressman Oberstar's objection is based on safety of the passengers.

        How many passengers died in fires on steamboats in America last year? NONE!

        How many drivers and passengers died in automobile collisions in America last year? Thousands and thousands.

        Mr. Jordan, ask Congressman Oberstar: How come Congress fails to protect Americans from the real and current dangers of automobiles, yet is so eager to denounce American steamboats (with an excellent safety record) as potentially unsafe and, therefore, worthy of being put under a law meant for ships at sea, not on the rivers?