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How About Jimmy Carter?

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    How About Jimmy Carter?

    Surely the most famous and probably the best politically connected of all the past DQ passengers has to be former President Jimmy Carter. In this world of "6 degrees of separation" someone on the board must know how to contact him and make him aware of the QUEEN's plight. I'm sure just a couple of letters or phone calls from him would have a lot of influence with Congress.

    Dear Jim & steamboating colleagues:
    Good idea on your part and thanks! Below you will see current 'contact' sites for President Jimmy Carter. Check for E=Mail submissions, but from personal experience tend toward a clear, consice, ONE PAGE letter carefully composed, on paper with envelope and stamp. E=Mails also. Rest assured your E=Mail or written letter will be scanned/checked before forwarding due to concerns for security, protocol and good taste. Pertinent points can't be belabored or ramble. Don't beg or plead. Sender include: Full name, address or E=Mail clearly stated.

    *President Jimmy Carter
    441 Freedom Parkway
    Atlanta, Georgia

    *President Jimmy Carter

    Protocol for 'Forms of Address' to him are:
    *Mr. President:
    *My dear Mr. President:

    R. Dale Flick


      I personally sent a letter to Former President and Mrs. Carter to Plains, Ga and have had no response. I have also sent a letter to President and Mrs. Bush asking for their support and have not had a response. Heck, I sent a letter to my own Senator Evan Bayh and got a generic response. Like I've been saying....I guess I ran around all these years with rose colored glasses on. I'm sure finding more about how our government works than I ever wanted to know and I'm not liking what I'm learning!

      PLEASE! EVERYONE MUST WRITE THEIR REPRESENTATIVE AND SENATOR. Then you have to follow up with a phone call or two or three, etc. We need a head count on where they stand on the issue. Most of them never even heard of the DELTA QUEEN. They need to be educated and we are the only ones that can do it.


        Hi, Pete:
        Thanks for the insights Re: your previous approach/contact to former President Jimmy Carter. These things happen as prominent people often need to draw certain lines in their public, political, humanitarian and economic involvements. I can only imagine the flow of mail/E=Mails to their offices daily to groaning 'IN' boxes for attention. Time is precious--and expensive--not to mention their own physical and mental enegries in advancing years.

        R. Dale Flick


          We have to get around his handlers, somehow to the man himself. He is interested in technology and history, which is why the family rode the DQ back then. The folks answering his mail/email have their priorities, and their own agendas, which are likely to be more focused than his. This is true of most celebrities, so work whatever angles or folks you know to get our message to them! Let us not give up easily!
          David D.


            Was the United States Coast Guard guilty of gross negligence in permitting a sitting president to ride and sleep on a floating firetrap? Let's sue!


              Yesterday, when I saw Dale's hyperlink to the Carter Library site, I went ahead and composed and sent an email. Last night I received a very nice response, inserted below. As everyone can see, I wrote to the wrong entity, and when I do send again, I must write on paper and send with a stamp via snail mail. The important thing, though, is that I did not get shot down. What follows is the reply I received, followed by the note I sent:

              Your request may be better answered by the Carter Center than by the Jimmy Carter Library. The following information was provided to us by the Carter Center.

              1) How can I communicate with President or Mrs. Carter?

              Unfortunately, given their very active schedules, the Carters do not have time to respond to each letter individually. All communications with the Carters must be by letter. There is no way to process e-mail scheduling requests. Invitations for the Carters to participate in or attend an event should be sent to them via standard mail at:

              Office of Jimmy Carter
              Scheduling Department
              453 Freedom Parkway
              Atlanta, GA 30307

              2) How can I get an autographed picture of President and/or Mrs. Carter? How can I ask them to autograph one of their books?

              To request an autographed photo of President and/or Mrs. Carter, please send a written request and a self-addressed, stamped envelope (large enough for an 8x10 photo) with sufficient postage, to the address listed below.

              To have President or Mrs. Carter autograph one of their books (only books that they have written), please send the book and sufficient return postage to the address listed below.

              Office of Jimmy Carter
              Correspondence Assistant
              One Copenhill
              Atlanta, GA 30307

              3)How can I obtain an interview with President or Mrs. Carter or any other Center experts?

              All interview requests for The Carter Center experts are handled through the Public Information Office. Requests may be sent via e-mail, postal service or fax. For the most current telephone numbers and addresses see:

              Allow 8-10 weeks for your request to be processed.

              Please Note: It may not be possible for President and Mrs. Carter to honor all requests.

              >>> Robert Reynolds <> 9/26/2007 11:51:32 AM >>>
              Dear Mr. President,

              It was my distinct pleasure to be First Mate aboard the Steamer DELTA
              QUEEN in 1979 when you, Mrs. Carter and Amy were aboard cruising with
              us. As you may be aware, the DELTA QUEEN's future as an operating
              steamboat is now in doubt due to political issues.

              There are members of Congress who are opposing a continuation of the
              boat's exemption from the Safety at Sea Law, and these gentlemen have
              stated they feel the boat is unsafe. As you are well aware, the DELTA
              QUEEN has an exemplary safety record and has operated since 1926 on two
              different river systems with no problems whatsoever related to fire and
              safety concerns. Mr. James Oberstar of Minnesota, Chairman of the
              Infrastructure Committee, opposes the boat's exemption and has publicly
              stated he will not allow the issue to come up for debate. I feel (and
              hope you do, too) that this is wrong. I would think this is an issue
              that needs to come before the full Congress.

              I would respectfully request you do whatever might be within your power
              to help save the DELTA QUEEN. In addition to her excellent safety
              record over the years, the boat has undergone quite a bit of additional
              work in the area of safety since you were aboard. Rest assured, she is
              safer than ever. Though I am no longer connected with the boat's
              operating company, I would feel very safe riding or working on the boat.

              Preservation of the DELTA QUEEN as an authentic, operating steamboat is
              important for America. Any assistance you could render in this matter
              would be greatly appreciated.

              Respectfully yours,

              Captain Robert G. Reynolds
              1002 Oakland Drive
              Paragould, AR 72450



                Bob, That is an excellent letter; hopefully it will get his attention and prompt him into action.


                  Alan, I'm sure your tongue was firmly planted in cheek with this post; HOWEVER, I suggest that honey catches more flies than gasoline on the Save the DQ/USCG issues.

                  The campaign needs the SUPPORT of the Commandant, Admirals of District 8, District 9; Commanders of Sector Lower Mississippi River, Sector Upper Mississippi River, Sector Ohio Valley and ALL the persons therein in a regulatory position.

                  The campaign also needs the support of at least two labor organizations.