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    It seems its all a numbers game. So the more of us that make our feelings known to our individual representatives then the more likely we have a chance of getting this through. [/QUOTE]

    JoAnn, I think it was Ted Guillaum who recently posted that many reps are not even aware of this issue, or many other issues that they vote on. Also, if they have no real opinion on an issue, or if no constituent has written them to express an opinion on a particular issue, then they are likely to vote with a buddy, or listen to what ANYONE has to say. Threrefore, we must all make our opinions known to our reps! If they are adamant in opposing it, I suppose there is little we can do, but if they have no opinion one way or the other, IT MIGHT BE YOUR LETTER/INPUT THAT DOES THE TRICK!


      Originally posted by Jo Ann Schoen View Post
      Yes, someone needs to keep a running count. Who'd like to volunteer? So far we have 2 from Ohio, I've heard, Chabot and I'm not sure of the other name. Indiana has one for sure, Ellsworth. Kentucky has two for sure Davis and Whitfield and maybe Yarmuth. And now Berry from Arkansas. That's 7 out of 465. WE NEED HELP HERE!!

      Could all those folks that signed the on line petition that are not in the Representative's Districts listed above please call your Representative and ask their stance on the exemption? I'm finding out that most aren't aware of it. Right now I'm fighting hard to change the mind of Baron Hill of Indiana. He opposes it.

      We also need someone knowledgable about how Congress works to see what Bill an amendment might be added to and when it will be coming up and who is going to sponsor it. It would help to know this when calling these Representative's offices so they know what they need to vote for. Any help is appreciated.
      Pat Traynor

      I will be happy to collect the info - everyone please email me with who you have contacted and whether they are PRO or CON for this issue. Be sure to include their full name and their state. If no response, after a reasonable amount of time, let me know that also and maybe someone can try again - maybe they just need more information. The statement by Oberstar that "hundreds of people will burn to death in their beds" is so ridiculous! Maybe he should take a ride on the DQ, so he'll know what he is talking about.

      My email is:

      Pat Traynor


        I hand delivered a letter to Sen Colemans (MN) office last week. Got a phone call response back Wed. Colemans position is that the boat needs to be made safer. It was stated that the boat had 40 years of exemption, but they hope it will have a future. End of story. That is their position.

        I am not an expert in politics nor care to be. I think there is lots of misinformation out there about the boat and all of the precautions made for safety. My letter to Sen Coleman stated this and the perfect safety record. I think what it boils down to is that no one wants responsibility or a lawsuit if something were to happen. The word "wood" scares them.

        I see no way the boat could cause 200 casualties, as Oberstar thinks. Sprinklers are too redundant, there are watches and fire safe paint. The boilers are inspected and are safe.

        If there is a list of exemption friendly politicians, we need to focus on them and try to have them persuade their colleages to vote yes. As for adding additional measures of safety, why not mention an exemption with additional stipulations. More fire watches, maybe one on each deck. Why not have an onboard fire station-a real fireman/emt. Eliminate locks on all doors. Add more lifeboats-good pr move. Those that are impaired physically could go on the other boats, eliminate bunk beds, close roms that are hard to get out of, like those behind splashboard, etc. That way there is some give and take.

        Just some ideas and a progress report. Any comments?



          Tom, I agree about the exemption-firendly politicians, but as far as the "give and take" on safety goes, the company has to be involved in that, and we're back chasing our tails again. I say better to focus on all the positive and those in congress who already support us.

          Wood may scare some people, but until 3 months ago, I had lived safely in a wood house for 50 years....nuff said!


            To what relevant committees do you refer? I was not aware that any Texas senators had anything to do with this issue. Knowing their connection, I will be able get on the bandwagon and start writing letters.


              The relevant committees are:

              House of Representatives: Transportation and Infrastructure Committee ( and its Subcommittee on Coast Guard and Maritime Transportation ( Texas Members are Ted Poe in the subcommittee and main committee and Nick Lampson in the main committee.

              US Senate: Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee ( Texas Member is Kay Bailey Hutchison.


                I apologise for any mis-information. My initial web search back in Aug. showed both Tx Senators and my Rep. as serving on relevant subcommittees. I searched again this morning and could not duplicate the results of the earlier search, so I may nave reached outdated information the first time. Still, Lexie, write to Sen. Hutchison.


                  Politics will be what politics will be

                  Bob --

                  You misconstrued my comments -- I certainly am not trying to MAKE this a red/blue issue. I simply noted that a certain sense that appears to be happening already, and that is a very bad thing. If this morphs into a purely partisan issue, we're toast.

                  I was very pleased to hear that Democrat Marion Berry is still aboard, especially since he is on the transportation subcommittee. But note that his website identifies him as a member of the Blue Dog caucus -- further evidence of my thesis. The Blue Dogs are generally less beholden to organized labor than their big-city liberal brethren. So what we seem to be watching is the development less of a red/blue issue than of a pro-union/not-so-pro-union issue.

                  The implications of that are pretty clear, I think: we must either convert some pro-union congressmen to the DQ cause, or rely on a shaky coalition of Republicans and Blue Dog Democrats. The first option is tougher but more likely to achieve a real victory (i.e., ultimately, a permanent exemption per Alan's suggestion).

                  So O.K., all you liberal Democrats out there -- I'm sorry if I've indelicately raised a sensitive subject, but it's your guys we need to get in line. Go get them.

                  Dave V.


                    Saturday I received a form letter from Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchinson acknowledging my 13 August letter. Basic "thank you for your input" letter, not even mentioning the subject. I doubt that the senator even saw the original letter i.e no interest in the subject.


                      That's not necessarily so. The filtering system does listen to multiple letters on a single subject--which is why we need EVERYONE writing to their congressman/senators, so we can show them numbers.
                      David D.


                        Originally posted by Pete Sisak
                        Has anyone thought of contacting President GW Bush or V/P Dick Cheney?
                        Yes, Pete, I have written Former President Carter and I wrote a letter addressed to President George W. Bush and First Lady Laura Bush. No response from either. We gotta keep on keepin' on. We've got to do ALL in our power to SAVE THE DELTA QUEEN.