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    There is an article about the Save the DQ effort in the Sept 6 Cincinnati Post

    " a spokeswoman for the cruise line, said she could not say if Majestic would continue to operate the Queen if the exemption was granted."

    Why the hell not? Why don't you get off the damn pot and just say it?

    Gotta love these guys...seems CRYSTAL CLEAR to me what their true intention has been since, what was it, April 2006?... and that's it for me, I'm tired of dancing around you people...from here on in, you're just lowly MAL to me...


      It's not my intention to defend Majestic America Line here. But I think it's important to be careful with the interpretation of newspaper articles. Being a journalist myself I know how much (or little) sometimes there is behind statements, conclusions and so called facts when they're published in the press.

      I like the article, but the reporter obviously didn't do any research at all (though he has written articles about the Delta Queen before, so he of course knows what he is talking about). Wayne Rassman did a very good job in forwarding one of my postings on (, as almost everything in this article is taken from there.

      I actually love it when it works like this :-))

      But: The Majestic America Line's "she could not say" statement is weeks old and came from the PR agency, not from the company itself. So this statement doesn't tell us more than "sorry, I'm just the PR agency and not authorized to say anything about this issue at this time".

      Bruno, I don't want to say you're wrong - you're probably right, but that statement is in fact not saying anything about this issue.

      To add my five cents on why Majestic America Line doesn't tell us anything about their intentions: To me it appears that there might be two possible reasons why Majestic America Line simply doesn't say anything in the public at all:

      a) There might be something the Unions have in their hands against Majestic that doesn't give them a choice. Something mysterious in the background where I have no idea what it could be. This would explain why Majestic gave up so early and isn't commenting - they simply can't comment without disclosing what this is all about with the Unions. Just speculation on my behalf, I'd like to emphasis!

      b) The financial situation of Ambassadors International might be critical and they have much more short-term problems than they can handle, so at this time 2009 is as far away as the Mars from earth for them. Again, just pure speculation, but looking at the stock market, they definitely do have a problem there.


        The good news is that we, as an organization, are finally beginning to make ourselves heard to the general public via the media. It is also good that it is happening in Cincinnati, home port to the Delta Queen for several decades. I can see the outcry to support the exemption to save her becoming much larger than only that of a special interest group, but a general public outcry. I believe we are accomplishing our goal by getting the word out.

        There are thousands of people from the Greater Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky region who love the Delta Queen. I was one of them! I now live in Paducah. If only 5% of them would write their congressmen as a result, I believe it would clearly get the point across to pass the exemption. By the way, there was also a recent article about her in the Paducah Sun.


          Franz, my friend...I'll try to calm down a little. However, it's quite difficult when you consider what emotions I personally saw and anguish I personally heard just a few days ago...



            no need to calm down. I just wanted to make sure everyone who didn't know the background of the article and MAL's PR agency's statement gets a clear picture of what this is about :-)

            You're a wonderful ambassador for the Delta Queen and doing a great job in spreading the word all around. All together we'll save the Delta Queen!