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    The latest from the Upper

    Here are some more steps being taken here in the Dubuque area.

    Lots of flyers and posters have been printed out and copied (from the Promotion Materials page) to hand out at the Riverwalk at the America's River Project in the Port of Dubuque. We're trying to hand them out to passers-by every chance we get, and the Twilight's passengers are good opportunities as well. Went up to Guttenberg for dinner and hung up a poster in the Cafe Mississippi, also put flyers under car windshield wipers.

    In cyberspace, I've started a group on Facebook (a social networking website that is famously popular with college-age people) dedicated to the campaign and several people have agreed to help hand out flyers in various communities. Wear the button whenever I can (Staples, my employer, frowns upon non-Staples promotion).

    ... and a few more things. Sent emails to congressmen, representatives, city council members, Dubuque Chamber of Commerce, Dubuque Convention and Visitor Bureau, Dubuque County Historical Society, National Mississippi River Musuem and Aquarium, and Dubuque Main Street Limited. Dad had a board meeting for the National Rivers Hall of Fame where the campaign was mentioned (not sure if it's kosher to post that).