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Idea for after '08-National Monument or Park

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    Idea for after '08-National Monument or Park

    I, like everyone else want to see the DQ in operation as she is now forever.
    The current Congress does not seem to see the reason in this. There must be some contingency plan for after.

    Could a motion be put forth to declare DQ a Historic Monument and/or National Park? There has to be some public land somewhere along the rivers to moor the boat. The boat could also remain partially operational.

    This is the next best option that I see for the boat

    1-DQ could become like a National Park Lodge-like Old Faithful Inn
    2-Rooms could be rented out, Dining room could be used. Engine room, pilot house could be a museum tour. Calliope concerts could be given. Fees collected would help sustain DQ monument/Park. Ultimately boat could be hauled out of river and put into an enclosure to further protect from elements.

    I think that making the boat a Historic Landmark or National Park is in the best interest. MAL could donate it to the Dept of Interior. They would get a tax writoff, Govt would get free boat. The last thing I want to see is some fly by night taking control and letting the boat fall into disrepair and neglect.


    And what makes you think the Feds won't let her fall into disrepair and neglect? She already is a national Landmark, one of only two that actually move (The SF cable cars are the other. Gee, they're wood, wonder if they're safe to ride on?? --this comment is as logical as the "747" comment!).
    It is too soon to talk about alternatives, we only want to give Congress one option--renew the exemption! Or fix the law so it doesn't apply to vessels only traveling the inland waterways, as it should have been in the first place!!
    I don't know if many have been following the international safety laws, that if applied to the MQ in 2010 would likely "ground" her too. There is a lot more a stake here than just our beloved Delta Queen! And then there's the matter of the coast guard, who doesn't like "unusual" or "different" types of vessels.
    AaaH! I gotta get back to my roof, break is over!
    David D.


      Keep in mind that it isn't Congress that has denied the waiver. It is one Congressman and one Senator. Both are acting as pawns for a union which has always supported the extensions until now. That's because MAL hired non-union crews. The union thinks they are hurting MAL but at the same time they are killing a national icon. The Congressman is offering a smokescreen arguement and the Senator is at least honest enough to say he does whatever the union tells him to do. Congress is being denied the vote to make a real decision.


        "The last thing I want to see is some fly by night taking control and letting the boat fall into disrepair and neglect. Comments? " It already has, Thomas.


          re: docking the boat somewhere - Natchez Mississippi would be a wonderful place to park her. Natchez has a rich history with the boat. Anyone?


            I just want to stress one point, again and again: THE CONGRESS HASN'T REFUSED THE EXEMPTION!!! It's only one, single, totally uninformed and/or Union-influenced Representative from Minnesota, Rep. James Oberstar (D), chairman of the Transportation committee, who refuses to present the exemtion to the full House of Representatives for vote. And it's one single Union-controlled Senator, Sen. Inouye or Hawaii (D), who does the same thing in the Senate.

            Let's not blame the Congress for this, so far. Let's force Sen. Inouye and Rep. Oberstar to respect basic democratic rules and let the people's representatives vote on the exemption for the Delta Queen!

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              AMEN!! And, thank you for saying it!