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I will donate my store's services.

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    I will donate my store's services.

    I, and my partner, own a music store in Paddock Lake, Wisconsin. We have audio and video recording studios at the store, and work in conjunction with a producer who is experienced in producing human interest programs for public television. My producer and his friends have contacts in Hollywood and other big production areas, as well as political contacts. We can create any kind of advertising or special interest program for any media.

    I will donate our services to this cause, if the need arises. Our post-production software is Final Cut Pro Studio 5, so we have the ability to create quality, digital productions. My partner is one of the best sound engineers in the busiiness in this area, so any production would have great sound.

    Me--I'm the steamboater of the bunch, and have studied and loved steamboats, especially the Delta Queen, since I was a little kid. I was a fireman and engineer on steam locomotives in Colorado, and am kicking myself that I have never been hired on the river. I love the Delta Queen.


    Bob Blomberg
    Westosha Music
    24408 75th Ave.
    Salem, WI 53168
    Phone: 262-843-2850
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