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It's not over. The fight for the DELTA QUEEN has just begun!

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    It's not over. The fight for the DELTA QUEEN has just begun!

    Though we don't know the details yet about who exactly has declined the SOLAS exemption for the Delta Queen and why this is, let's drag the issue to the public!

    We all know what's possible in politics when people are piling up pressure. Let's activate the media, prominent supporters, PR experts. Let's get Larry King to talk about the Delta Queen. Let's make us Jimmy Carter remember his DQ cruise in a Washington Post interview. Let's show the politicians that there is a whole nation to support the DQ!

    This is not only about the DELTA QUEEN, a historic landmark, one of the few remaining original steamboats in this country. It's not only about an important part of American history. Let's not forget abouth the fact that these "romantic" aspects are only a small part of the whole story! It's also about the people working for the DQ. And it's about a law that doesn't respect reality - an exemption from this law shouldn't even be worth more than 10 seconds of discussion. Senators and representatives are at much greater risk going to and from their meetings each day. We assume far greater risks in our daily lives than are present on the boat. For the whole campaign coming, let's not forget about these basics.

    What to do now?
    Let's all do what ever each one can do and let's not think too much about organizing a big, centrally organized campaign for now. This is something we still can consider when the campaign gains significant momentum.

    Here is a first steps action plan for all of us:

    - Activate your local newspapers personally.
    Plus: Please send me e-mail and postal addresses of your local newspapers and TV stations; I'll be building up a contacts list for future press releases.

    - Find prominent supporters - this is probably the most important part of the campaign! Who ever has had any connections with the DQ in the past (e.g. like Jimmy Carter), please try to find out how to reach them. Contact them, let them know we need their help, not financially, but with public statements, contacting their contacts in Washington and in the industry
    Plus: Again, send those information to me, too, so I can build up a list of potential supporters for future action.

    - Find PR experts who are willing to support us (giving advice, doing some phone calls to important people, sending out press releases to their audience, etc.), find marketing specialists to help, find people who have good contacts to the press, to VIPs, to politicians, etc.

    - Of course, spread the word to everyone you know and also ask them to sign the online petition at

    - All past and present masters, captains, pilots, chief engineers, hotel managers, etc. of the DELTA QUEEN - please send me your comments plus a picture of yourself, data when you've server on the DQ, your position, etc. I'll put together some kind of a "DQ hall of fame" page to show how much professional know-how is behind our request for issuing an exemption to the Delta Queen.

    Further steps:
    - There will be a website and .com very soon (registered already, but takes a few hours to days until activated).

    - There will be t-shirts and buttons (I'm working on a professional-looking design; it must look great on CNN and Fox News!)

    - And of course, your ideas add to this, too.

    Let's SAVE THE DELTA QUEEN, again!

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    Save the DQ et al

    I have had a bit of delay getting on the site. I thought I was reasonably savvy but ...
    Anyway. I am excited to help in every way. The true fact is that I am the only living person who went to Washington in 1967 ( or 1969?) to attend a hearing that was the first proposed legislation to sink the DQ. Those were difficult days and because I am and was a trial lawyer I was very much aware of the risks that we were facing to oppose legislation that was supposed to protect the public from risks of sinking, fire and the like. Well that was just the beginning and thru the efforts of my Mom, Bill Muster ( who I met for the first time at the hearing) Betty Blake and our friends in the legislature, we were able to turn the DQ into a National Monument ( standing along with the Statue Of Liberty). The expiration of the SOLAS exemption is a true tragdey. And to destroy a National Monument is criminal. Sorry to use harsh words but there is no conceivable justification for such action. In any event, I may be the only living "poster child" in this campaign but I will help in any way I can.

    BY the way, I learnd that my birthday was mentioned on "dot-org"as we Greenes call it.But the date was a few days off. I was born on Aug 2,1935. To liberally borrow from Mark Twain : The reports of my birth have been largely misstated! But I deeply appreciate the kind words and rememberance. And as Mark Twain also stated: Cincinnati is the place to be at the end of the earth because anything alway is two years later in CIncinnati. How true! And the end of the DQ ( port of Cincinnati!) is surely destined to arrive long after this glitch of the time screen. Let me know how and where I can help.


      Aha, so Doc is OLDER than you! Good to hear from you.