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It's Official - The DQ days are coming to end

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    Originally posted by Marian Nusekabel View Post
    Glad to finally see so much "late" interest in saving the Queen. Good luck! Through a reliable source the final blow boiled down to the fact that the Speaker of the Senate and Spreaker of the House were not willing to take responsibility and grant the exemption to the Delta Quen by bring it up for a vote. The Congress overides the Coast Guard and Home Land Security.
    How can anyone sit in judgement about how the company really feels about losing the DQ? Through my reliable source we learned Majestic America Line spent hundreds of thousands of dollars trying to get the SOLAS extension renewed for the DQ. As the person reaffirmed the company bought three boats and that is what they intended to operate. They knew the Delta Queen was the Diamond surrounded by two other jewels the MQ and AQ in her Majestic Crown. The three boats belonged together. That was definitely the intention of the Comapny. The Company President and on down the chain of command fought a gallant fight through their lobbyist and letters for the extension for the DQ to continue to cruise the rivers. Per my source, the Chairman of the Company did more than one trip to Washington to make the extension happen.
    Perhaps if interest to keep the queen was present as it is being now, we would have helped give the Company with a stronger united group to fight congress.
    Since being back on a steamboat since the new company has acquired us, I feel from what I have experienced, the new company does care. Trust me, from what my source has told me, the Company is just as upset about this as we are!! You don't know what is happening behind the whole picture, so don't judge.
    I don't think the DQ can operate by the Company without the Exemption??
    Now as the countdown begins, steamboaters who have walked her decks, the small rivers where no other boat could go, river towns along the way, and all who have watched her paddlewheel spray as she cruised into the sunset are now left with memories of her glorious past. If this is to be her final year (hope your interest will change this) may it be filled with many celebrations of her life fit for a Queen as she now rounds her last bend in the river and fades into history. When a person retires, don't you throw a party for them?????
    Maybe magic can happen. I would think the Company would be as happy as the rest of us.
    Marian Nusekabel
    I have lurked for a long/long time and I can't believe I posted here twice, in ONE DAY!

    What you are posting here, is there a verifiable source(s) that the owner of this website can confirm? Otherwise this is just pure hearsay. Did Nancy Pelosi herself crush the discussion? Did Harry Reid? Is he the "Speaker of the Senate"? I've never heard of that title.
    Will this be in the Congressional Record, or was this secret Washington political stuff?

    I believe the owner of this website said that facts needed to be verified before addressing such issues as to prevent him or his company from getting sued by the parties involved.



      I have one more quick question and then I'll be signing off for the night. If it was the Union, how many members are there? There are 325 people registered on this board. If we all got 100 signatures and asked each of those to get just 5 signatures, we'd have over 150,000 signatures. Would we be in the driver's seat yet?

      Hopefully, I'll wake up in the morning and this will have all been a bad dream.


        There is no Speaker of the Senate. The senate position equivilant to the Speaker of the House is Vice President of the United States. The senate also has Majority and Minority leaders. At present, the Majority leader is a Democrat and a Minority leader is a Republican.


          Originally posted by Virginia Cox View Post
          There is no Speaker of the Senate. The senate position equivilant to the Speaker of the House is Vice President of the United States. The senate also has Majority and Minority leaders. At present, the Majority leader is a Democrat and a Minority leader is a Republican.

          That 's how I was taught too. One reason why I questioned the above posting.


            If there is anything that can be done to persuade MAL to continue to seek exemption, I am all for it!
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              I am sorry to see even a chance of the end of the DQ!
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                my opinion, but there seems to be a very stong smell of bull merde...

                Please don't lecture us about our lack of dedication to the legendary Delta Queen. I dream about the Delta Queen, do you? Deb and I have supported the ol' gal with 18 cruises in 7 seasons, how many have you taken? And if you have that beat, apologies up front.

                You do realize that Deb and I are retiring as we speak with the main goal of riding the DQ more? I don't think you have the right to talk about dedication to me...

                Sorry Franz, Deutschland and all that....and I'm still ****ed...
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                  After COB today I called the St. Louis office of Lacy Clay (D-MO) whose name was mentioned in the MAL Press Release. My question was :what bill was the exemption a ride on? The answer I received was 'all legislative things are handled in the Washington, DC office' The woman very kindly gave me the DC Telephone #. Upon immediately calling the DC office I was informed 'you will have to talk to the Chief of Staff. He is working in the St. Louis office today'.

                  When informed that the St. Louis office directed me to the DC office I was given an email address. If and when I get a reply I shall share it.

                  My thought her is for someone more important and well connected than myself find out the bill(s), House and Senate hopefully, and then get a complete roll call of votes to see WHO actually voted for or against.

                  I urge all to read the Press Release (Seattle 01 August 2007) from MAL and see what conclusions one can ascertain about the Parent corporation's intent to run the DQ from day 1.


                    Hi Jo Ann
                    What I said was that the BILL H.R.2830 was in Committee. The way I understood it at the time, the DQ was to be included as part of an Amendment. Apparently it was not included!!!


                      If I might offer my two cents:

                      FACT: Running an overnight passenger steamboat, particularly a smaller one that is eighty years old, is not a profitable business venture.

                      FACT: Several companies operating the DELTA QUEEN have filed for bankruptcy, indicating this difficulty to any future outfit.

                      FACT: Government operations, like the Department of Homeland Security and legislation such as SOLAS, offer little provision and limit the public impression of steamboats, especially those with wooden superstructures.

                      Now please consider:

                      FACT: MAL renamed the Delta Queen Steamboat Company to exclude the historically significant DELTA QUEEN name.

                      FACT: The only instance of MAL listening to the steamboats' tireless devotees is the replacement of the DELTA QUEEN's pilothouse eagle.

                      FACT: No person directly affiliated with Majestic America Line has posted on this board or otherwise made their presence known, unlike associates of the former companies operating the boat.

                      Now, I'm not one typically given to cynicism. However, I offer you this:

                      OPINION: It is unlikely that an overnight passenger steamboat operation aboard the DELTA QUEEN will be profitable, given the decline in public interest and the ever-increasing costs of basic operation.

                      OPINION: If MAL fought the proverbial good fight, they at the least owed it to us to offer more insight into the exact goings-on of the legislative and PR proceedings.

                      FACT: The fight to save the DELTA QUEEN is not over, with or without MAL's help.

                      I would like to stress that last point as fact, especially if MAL really does peruse this board. The people who truly care about the boat, and more importantly her people, will continue to act in her defense and support her continued operation. It would be comforting to know that the company that owns the DELTA QUEEN has the same mindset. In that respect, I offer this plea:

                      To any and all Majestic America Line employees: PLEASE POST SOMETHING ON THIS MESSAGE BOARD. We want to know your opinions, but even more we want to know the facts. PLEASE MAKE HASTE TO TALK TO US.

                      In addition, allow me to speak on behalf, or perhaps solely from the perspective, of the younger steamboat enthusiast community (and yes, we are a community):

                      As a 20-year-old American citizen, I feel there is increasingly less in this country of which to feel proud. There is no accountability, no attention to true kindness nor courtesy, no sense of regard for those that would rightly give everything they have to an American cause. I've been taught these things through the society that I observe and interact with every day. News reports sicken me, but I am grateful for that feeling since most of my compatriots are numb, accustomed to rudeness and desensitized to violence.

                      There are few things that give me as an American youth hope and faith in my country. I'd like to think that the preservation of tradition is a core belief in the US, as well as its attention to progress. Why, then, would a company claiming to be the "Majestic America Line" choose to take out of service a boat embodying both of these ideals? The DELTA QUEEN is one of the last links to our glorious past, and she can be a link to our prosperous future. She fits quite nicely into an America that I can be proud of.


                        My opinion as a stockholder of Ambassadors International is that the current management of the parent company and its subsidiary MAL is ineffective, and does not have the courage to face its stockholders and the people of this board with the facts. The only apologist for MAL on this board is hidden behind the privacy of her computer and has no announced ties to MAL or its parent company Ambassadors International.

                        They certainly haven't claimed ownership of their actions. Seventeen months before the time that management can reasonably admit to having fought the good fight and exhausting all of their efforts, they throw in the towel and say let's celebrate! If it was such a valiant effort that management made on behalf of the DELTA QUEEN how could it have failed? Well, this is fact. Since the downfall of Representative Edward G.Garmatz each new exemption has been prefunctory. Sending out a single e-mail with no media follow up, no letters explaining the current plight of the DELTA QUEEN to those without computers, no enlisting of the shareholders of the company to write our representatives in Washington, DC to protect our investment, and no contact with members of this board as to how serious the situation is, and no concerted media blitz in the grand style of Betty Blake have been attempted. No, none of this was done. Infact management was reporting that they expected the exemption to be granted. They certainly acted as such. If what MAL now claims as true, that this is the work of Congress assembled and the unions, then why did not a truly competent and effective management team forsee this? Why was the union broke in the first place? It certainly is not a secret that the DELTA QUEEN would be up for her needed exemption, and as it seems that the Seafarers International Union is better in your corner then, why antagonize them? Is this another example of MAL's shortsighted and ineffective management on my behalf?

                        I don't believe that management was acting in the best interests of it's shareholders here. If they were, the battle should just be begining. If MAL management was effective, they would be girding their loins now and readying for further more dramatic battle. Are they lazy? Do they take their pay checks for granted? Is it, as it is widely supposed, that management actually wants to see the end of the DELTA QUEEN, and this is just a long over due draconian business decision to take an impairment on the books, and get along with the operations of the other boats? I have no idea, and no one with any legitimate authority from the company is saying!

                        I sure do not see an effective management team increasing the value of my investment with any of this. I'd say the job that they are doing is a failing one for their stockholders. Thankfully, I still have a stock that has a value greater than when I purchased it, but other investors may not be so lucky. The high earlier this year for the stock was $48.60 a share. Yes, if I was wise I would have sold it when it started its long slide down. The most recent financial results have not been released, yet, despite earlier promises by Ambassadors International that the quarterly results would be released during July, Wall Street awaits, and the value of the stock continues its long decline. Yesterday, August 2, 2007 Ambassadors International stock closed at $27.00 a share which was 4.83% below its value of $28.38 at the opening bell. That represents a loss of millions in shareholder value! The investors of Wall Street obviously have their concerns about the effectiveness of Ambassadors International management too. The tumble from $48.60 to $27.00 in a matter of months, and the value dropping nearly 5% during the day's trading after it was announced that the DELTA QUEEN will cease operating, obviously shows that the financial minds of Wall Street have severe questions about the entire company's management team and its decision to cut short the DELTA QUEEN's very existence also.

                        I am way too sentimental to sell; as atleast for now, I still have a financial stake in the DELTA QUEEN. I don't want to lose that tie to my family history and American history, but the constant bumbling of MAL's management team since the begining of its ownership of the DELTA QUEEN and Ambassadors International management tolerating it may force me. I rue that day.


                          I'm sitting here in shock, anger, and mourning after seeing this terrible news. Whoever is responsible for the Delta Queen losing this battle has killed a part of me. I will mourn this loss until I'm in the grave. I have loved the Delta Queen like no other, and I don't know if I could bear to visit her if she were tied up as a prisoner with her engines silent. A lady onboard the Delta Queen once asked me why I was video-taping so much of my cruise. I warned her that something like this would happen some day; I just hoped that I would be dead before it happened. I will NEVER ride on one of those other boats; they're just a bunch of floating shoeboxes compared to the Delta Queen.


                            Jonathan, Well said, young man. And I'm proud to say I know you. What a tribute to your generation you are. Your family is most proud as well they should be. When can you leave for Capitol Hill?


                              A search of the U S House of Representatives web site for the words "Delta Queen" comes up with 0 results. H R 2830 does mention the Coast Guard in a few places.
                              I have not searched it in detail. HR 2830 deals with pensions.

                              Searching for Delta Queen on the U S Senate web site brings up 3 results. One refers to Hurrican Katrina, one refers to Homeland Security and one refers to improvements on the UMR. Not one mentions anything about exempting the boat from SOLAS.

                              -Jim Herron


                                OK, as Jim just pointed out, there is no mention of the Delta Queen on either the House site or the Senate site, and I found no recent relevant dealings with SOLAS. If, as this email from MAL states, Congress decided not to include the extension on a bill, then I think a lot of people should start convincing them to place it on a future bill. We have over a year.

                                The Delta Queen first came into my life on her "last voyage" in 1970; boy, was I sad, and mad, when I learned that she would never be coming my way again. Then, she was saved at the last moment. We've got to try something!