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    2 new MAL offers

    I just got done looking at the nice 8 page brochure I got today from MAL featuring the exclusive best price guarantee for past guests only. There are a couple of nice pix of the DQ with her old smokestack added to what they've been using in the other brochures. I've included a pix of THE item, of course the bathrobe and elegant linens in this brochure. There are some decent prices. Its interesting that the 7 day NOLA-Memphis trip on the AQ has some rooms for $895, while the same trip on the DQ goes for $1260 - guess we don't have to worry about the old gal's popularity. Then when I came up here to the computer, I had an email offer for 'the best price guaranteed'. It wasn't for just past guests, but for people who signed up for emails. Not many details were given in the email. Oh, by the way, for those of you who received the past guest mailing, did you notice anything missing in the listing of the boats, er ships, and their special rates???? (Hint: the trips offered go through December, which includes after Sept. 1 I believe)...
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    I swear that MAL (and also DN and ACV for that matter) is unconcerned about any potential customers, new or repeating, from the Northeast. Or maybe it's just New York? Deb and I have always been off MAL's radar.

    What e-mail...? What brochure...? And yes, I have signed up on their website to receive their e-mail announcements, multiple times. But did you notice when you sign up and give your e-mail address, the company doesn't ask for your home address but they are very interested in getting your ZIPCODE? Hmmm...



      MAL email offer

      "What e-mail...? "


        I do not receive any brochures although I´ve ordered them twice at least. But I do receive the emails. Last one arrived here yesterday (even twice as I obviously have signed up with two email addresses). It´s dated March 8 and there are offers 2 for 1 April-June departures on the Mississippi river system (no boat names mentioned).




          Tell me about it...Delaware North being 75 miles due west of me and Deb!

          Mark, thanks for the link.

          I guess I'm real curious to what this "best price guarantee for past passengers" is all about. Deb and I paid more for DQ 600 when we booked March 13th last year than is being offered in a flyer we received a few weeks ago. I guess the argument is that I got to pick the room and I was assured that I would indeed be cruising by booking early and paying more $$$. I'm not really complaining, more like whining a little, we got a pretty good deal, but not as good as is in the flyer...What is this "guarantee"?

          And the other thing that drives me nuts: The only special pricing flyers that I receive here are ones addressed to my Dad's wife and her friend, the two of them I BOOKED a cruise for this summer, and obviously they haven't taken the cruise, or any cruise for that matter, yet. What does this say? That upstate New York should be targeted only for new passengers? I've always wondered about what the various company's feelings were/are toward their better customers. Maybe Deb and I haven't qualified yet as "better customers"...Again, I guess I shouldn't complain too much, at least now I'm receiving some of the flyers, mistakenly, but receiving them none the less. Ginnie Rhynders, if you're reading...are you and Ralph getting any of these flyers or emails in eastern New York?

          ok, rant time over...


            Here's the text in the email offer

            We’d like to welcome you aboard with our best fares of the year.
            We’ve set aside a limited number of staterooms on each sailing for these outstanding offers. Once these staterooms are gone, so is your opportunity for the very best savings - so reserve your cruise today.

            Majestic America Line is proud to be America’s leading river and coastal cruise line. We delight in bringing the truly extraordinary American experience to life for our guests and we’d be honored to welcome you onboard.

            Our current offers are highlighted below. Please call 1-800-434-1232, contact your travel professional or visit for details.


            Incredible savings—fares starting from $852—on select April through June departures on the Mississippi and Ohio rivers. Experience historic charm, Delta blues and mouthwatering cuisine on journeys between soulful New Orleans, vibrant St. Louis and Cincinnati.


            Enjoy a 7-night cruise along the Columbia, Snake and Willamette rivers starting at $1,320 and receive free airfare from select U.S. gateway cities. Follow in the footsteps of Lewis and Clark in an amazing exploration of the Northwest, enhanced with included shore excursions. Exceptional entertainment and highest American crew-to-guest ratio are sure to please.


            Fares starting at $3,220 on 7-night departures from Juneau this May to September. Experience close-up cruising with magnificent views of wildlife and the towering glaciers of Glacier Bay National Park. Enjoy a verandah stateroom aboard the Empress of the North—and spectacular included or optional shore excursions.

            We are pleased to announce that our 223-guest ship, the Empress of the North, was recognized as one of the highest-rated cruise ships in the world by the readers of Condé
            Nast Traveler. The Empress of the North placed eighth in the small-ship category, with readers awarding a perfect score of 100 in the category of crew and service. The prestigious honor was published in the 2007 Cruise Poll, an annual guide to the world’s top cruise ships. To learn more about the elegant Empress of the North, click here.


            Offer is not combinable with other offers. Cruise rates are per person based on double occupancy. Rates shown do not include port charges or handling fees or tax. Please call for 3rd and single passenger rates. Other restrictions may apply. Call 1-800-424-1232 for details.

            You are receiving this e-mail because you asked to be notified about special offers from American West Steamboat Company or Delta Queen Steamboat Company (now Majestic America Line) when you signed up online or over the phone. We value your privacy as well as your patronage. We adhere to a strong commitment to protect your privacy and will not distribute your e-mail address to any third party.

            If you have received this e-mail in error or would like to be removed from all mailing lists, we will immediately respect your wishes. You are currently subscribed as To unsubscribe, click here.

            Majestic America Line
            2101 4th Ave., Suite 1150
            Seattle, WA 98121


              DQ prices in brochure

              Sorry, I tried to scan the brochure offer but it didn't work. For the Mississippi River and tributaries the offers start at $550 and $100 shipboard credit per cabin. New prices for DQ trips are
              4/12 NOLA rt 1350
              4/20 NOLA mem 1260
              4/27 Mem cin 1180
              5/10 Nash/Birm 1888
              5/17 birm/chatt 1776
              5/24 chatt/stl 1110
              5/31 stl/little rock 1180
              6/07 lr/NOLA 1250
              6/15 NOLA rt 850
              6/20 NOLA rt 690
              6/24 NOLA/StL nonrace 2064
              7/19 stl/birm 1534
              7/26 birm/Mobile 1534
              8/02 Mobile/chatt 1755
              8/10 chatt/mem 1534
              8/17 mem/LR 1443
              8/24 LR/mem 1443
              8/31 mem/NOLA 1534
              9/07 NOLA rt 1652
              9.14 NOLA/Mem 1652
              9/21 Mem/cin 1764
              9/28 Cincy rt 810
              10.01 cinc/Nash 1981
              10/08 Nash/bir 1981
              10.15 Birm/Chatt 1981
              10/22 chatt/Mobile 1981
              10/29 mobile/chatt 1876
              ll/05 chatt/Mem 1319
              11/11 Mem/NOLA 1534
              11/18 NOLA rt 1534 thanksgiving
              AQ offers go from 895 to 1950, and include some UMR trips. Sorry for the typing, but the sun is finally out and PM and I want to get outside for a while. And since so many of you didn't get this mailing, the answer to my question of what is missing? The MQ is not listed at all this year....


                They don't do a very good job in weeding out by zipcode then, because not only do I live in Rock Island, a town with a bad rep, but I live below the hill, the hood, the ghetto, whatever you want to call it - not a prime place for 'affluent travelers' to reside!!!!


                  Bruno, we're getting both emails and flyers - but remember we're in Florida right now. Not sure that makes a difference as I never see any newspaper ads for the boats in the travel section of the two Tampa area papers. They're missing out on all us rich snowbirds!!
                  See you next week.