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    Relaunch of - it was about time! doesn't just come with a new design today but all the information is now up-to-date again. That's at least one positive thing with being stuck at home. Eventually I found the time to finish this project that has initially started more than two years ago ...

    It took many hours (and dollars) of my own work and with external help. While it doesn't look like a huge change, we did have to touch every single piece of information, every single page had to be reviewed, a lot of design had to be created and changed. And we did change the whole software that's behind (from an old CMS called "ModX Evo" to Wordpress) and had to do some programming to get things fixed; fun, but a lot of work as well, with not always the clear vision whether it'll work or not at all.

    So here we go ... I proudly present: the new :-)

    By the way: If you see only as the message board, well, then visually nothing has changes except from the header image above. And we've switched to SSL, meaning the URLs now all start with https:// instead of http://, which most browser don't even show. But it means more security for you, less risk of your username and password being stolen. Well, this didn't happen in the past anyway, but still, it's an additional layer of security added.

    The message board is the next big step ahead and while I'd prefer to not changing anything here at all, it's a technical requirement to update the software behind it. To be honest: I have no idea what exactly this will mean in terms of look-and-feel of the message board. I'll have to install the new software and then see what happens ...

    Finally: If you see something not working, images missing, links being dead, or whatever else: Please let me know, so I can fix it.

    I hope you like what we did!


    Rick Ashton That was my first thought as well - but fortunately they're still there. The usability of this message board software unfortunately is not the best ... Just click in the "Posts" tab and the images will be visible. By default, you're on "Latest Activity" which is something like a preview, i.e. without the images. I'll try to fix this (i.e. remove the "Latest Activity" completely to avoid confusion).


      Fantastic. I thrilled to see is back online.