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High Water On The Ohio - then and now

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    High Water On The Ohio - then and now

    The City of Louisville maneuvering at the Rising Sun, Indiana landing in high water of 1908. Yep, they still ran in high water.

    In the last two weeks, with the river at Cincinnati running 40 to 50 feet, two towboats came unglued down bound hitting the Markland Dam just before Christmas. Then Christmas Eve two more incidents closed McAlpine Dam at Louisville. The most serious laid fifteen loaded coal barges up against the Indian side of the structure. At present, at least six have sunk.

    Friends, what has happened to piloting skills? It is a fleet management issue at the front office? Is it a traing issue of today's "lake" pilots?

    Keep your stema up, and safe!

    Russ Ryle
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