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Keith Norrington's mother died

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    Keith Norrington's mother died

    Janet Norrington, the mother of Keith Norrington, died Thursday August 23, two weeks after her 86th birthday and 65th wedding anniversary to Ken. Visitation and funeral will be Saturday Aug. 25 at the Market Street Seabrook Funeral Home. Memorials may be made to the Howard Steamboat Museum, where Keith is Curator/Administrator and to which Janet and Ken have donated countless hours volunteering. I met Keith in 1978 and have spent many nights as their guest in New Albany, where his mother would always have a wonderful meal prepared after one of our days of steamboaty stuff. She was a most gracious hostess and friend and was the rudder keeping the good ship Norrington on course. I can just hear her, "Now Keith...." or "Now Ken" or even "Now Judy" when we were thinking of doing something nefarious....

    *Death of Janet Norrington*
    Thanks, Judy, for the posting RE: Keith's mother Janet. We saw it here late yesterday on FACEBOOK; then from the funeral home in New Albany. We're closing up the summer home here to depart fort Cincinnati on Monday to settle in, check on my own 101 year old mother who is weakening by the day. Had I been home, I would have attended Janet's service this Saturday. Getting a card/letter off to Keith and Ken now.

    R. Dale Flick - Summer on the northern shores of mighty Lake Michigan