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*GRAND MAJESTIC cruises Sept. 2017 begin*

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    *GRAND MAJESTIC cruises Sept. 2017 begin*

    Steamboating colleagues:
    Thursday's April 6 edition of the CINCINNATI ENQUIRER 'Business Section' announced "Riverboat GRAND MAJESTIC will set sail in Covington, KY this fall' with 7 to 21 night river cruises starting September 23 with interview of Captain Joseph Baer. The 70 passenger GRAND MAJESTIC will visit waters of the Mississippi, Ohio, Cumberland, Tennessee, Arkansas, Illinois, Missouri, and Gulf Intercoastal Waterways. GRAND MAJESTIC first overnight riverboat cruise company based in Cincinnati since the DELTA QUEEN Steamboat Company, formerly GREENE LINE STEAMERS, moved from Cincinnati in the early 1980s. Capt. Bill Judd and others may know more on the business profile of Capt. Joseph Baer. I would assume the initial 70 passenger compliment prudent in the beginning to test the market on passenger disposable income for personal travel leading to further expansion with base economics, efficiency being studied closely.

    This news on the heels of the 1st step for DELTA QUEEN initiative voted in congress last week. Now GRAND MAJESTIC on the rivers with the AMERICAN QUEEN, AMERICAN CRUISE LINE [ACL] passenger boats. Tentative plans announced by VIKING RIVER CRUISES not solidified as of this date. A new era emerging focusing on our own grand American rivers.

    *Further Information: This on your computer search engine with a link to FACEBOOK with additional announcement, information, pictures. Appears things are 'hotting up' in the competitive river cruise business. Competition a healthy thing. Let's wish them all well. Again, what do I know?

    R. Dale Flick
    Old Coal Haven Landing, Ohio River, Cincinnati

    That's the former DIAMOND LADY

    This is the former DIAMOND LADY, which was the first Iowa gambling boat to run, beating the PRESIDENT by an hour. She has been in McKellar Lake in Memphis since 2002, and Frank reported it is still in Memphis. Whether that means she's still in the lake or not, I don't know. As to the business profile of Capt. Joe Baer, it is well-known.


      In other words you wouldn't send a deposit for a Sept. cruise???????