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The end in sight

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    The end in sight

    The sky is falling and the end must be near, R. Dale has turned to the enemy of this site, gone to facebook. You just can not tell tales or useful information on there like on this site. Oh you of little faith, repent!!

    Perhaps we all should do an intervention?


      *Abandoning .org? NEVER!*
      Good morning Capt. Bill Judd & Frank Prudent,
      What? What?! ME abandon NEVER! Since fumbling, mumbling around getting signed up [Or is it hooked?] on FACEBOOK a daunting task. I was hounded, shamed, cajoled, threatened by a number of 'Friends' on this site, S&D etc. to finally get with the modern age. It'll take time to figure FACEBOOK out with me already seeing problems, weak points. From what I see--other than links to S&D and others--postings, exchanges of information have to be rather brief, quick. Yet, I do like the photo adds to share. This .org site STILL for me prime in longer discussions. Ummm...errrr...just WHO are all of these people now rolling in as 'friends?' "And the rough places will be made plain." Cheers!

      R. Dale Flick
      Old Coal Haven Landing, Ohio River, Cincinnati


        re: The issue is not which site is used; but, ratehr that we use one regularly.


        Life can be live with either a positive or negative attitude. As an old story goes a young boy was placed in a stable full of manure. An hour later he was still going strong shoveling looking for the pony he was told he could find .... :)

        This .org site avoids the obvious drawbacks of Faceless Book or Twit and other general social sites. We are all blessed by its existence.

        Our challenge is to use it regularly and nourish it with a constant diet of new information and conversation. What are your current projects and questions?

        Keep your steam up!

        Russ Ryle


          Dale, I've posted many lengthy things on Facebook, just as I do on here. There is no limit such as on Twitter, etc. The greatest advantage for me, as I've stated before, is the ability to post multiple pictures. You all know how I like to take/share pictures! And as I'm sure you are finding out, there are more than enough sites dealing with steamboats, rivers, etc. to cause you to find your day has been shot without you realizing how much time you've spent online ogling at the pictures. And Russ, yes one can live with either a positive or negative attitude. Yours toward Facebook is obviously negative, which is your prerogative. But then you must deal with the fallout, which is that you are missing much worthwhile information being shared on there, which will not, despite your pleadings, end up on .org too. I am now going to Facebook to post about today's adventure on the TWILIGHT, with pictures. IF I have time, I'll post a briefer version on .org later.