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*Happy Birthday Curator/Director Keith!*

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    *Happy Birthday Curator/Director Keith!*

    Steamboating colleagues:
    Today marks the natal birthday for our friend and colleague Keith Norrington, Director/Curator at the Howard Steamboat Museum! I think I know how many years Keith has chalked up but will..Shhhhhh...keep that under wraps.

    Have a great B-Day, Keith. I'd imagine you may...possibly...might...have a B-Day cake at work today? Enjoy and also best to your parents.

    R. Dale Flick
    Old Coal Haven Landing, Ohio River, Cincinnati

    re: Old(er) age ain't for whims!


    Congratulations! Looking forward to you having many many more.

    Best regard,



      Keith, You keep having these birthdays and pretty soon you'll be an artifact too! Hope you had a good one.
      David & Linda Dewey


        Many thanks to all for the birthday greetings! Considering that I first visited the HSM in 1963 at age 9 (53 years ago!) and was volunteering as a tour guide under the tutelage of Mrs. Loretta Howard by the time I was 14, I guess it would be fitting for me to be cataloged as a artifact!

        Keep UP steam!
        "Curator Keith"


          Happy Birthday Keith!

          Hope your having a good day and all is well. Just finishing up my Early Steamboats Directory: 1707-1849. Nearly 5,000 listings. I'm printing a few test copies next week. i'll send you a copy for a look-see. I'll send Dale a copy, too. Would appreciate your feedback. btw, do you have any idea where I can find information on John Kouns' account/timetable of the 1870 Lee/Natchez race. I can't seem to locate anything on it. I have many other accounts but can't seem to find the Kouns record. I'm trying to finish an article and would sure like to locate it. Again, Happy Birthday. A pull on the old whistle-cord to you my friend.


            Thanks Jerry! I'll check on the Kouns' timetable and let you know.