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Louisville/Jeffersonville AQ questions

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    Louisville/Jeffersonville AQ questions

    Sorry if this has been shown, a search did not find what I was looking for.

    1. Where exactly does the AQ dock in Jeffersonville. How far from the old railroad footbridge?
    2. How close is the steamboat musuem to the AQ dock?

    We will be on the Oct 17 trip to Nashville and want to spend some time a day or two in advance at some of the events. Currently the plan is showing boarding the AQ in the afternoon of the 18th (so I guess the AQ will not partake in the group boat sailing), but it is supposed to attend the fireworks show.

    Last time we were in Louisville it was on the DQ and we docked next to Joe's Crab Shack, other side of the river.

    Howard Museum

    I don't know where they plan to dock the AQ, but the Howard Museum is only a mile from the I-65 area and Restaurant Row. I'd think the boat would be in there somewhere, maybe even closer upriver. Wherever she docks, don't miss the Howard!


      I got this via the stern line telegraph on Friday......the AQ will not dock in Jeffersonville but will dock at Cox's Park which is on the Kentucky side about 3 miles upriver from Downtown Louisville.
      But who knows, the plans may change again.


        AQ Docking site


        Thanks much for this insight. We were planning to get our luggage sent via the normal route and possibley walk across the bridge to the AQ at Jeffersonville, but a 3 mile hike up river does not sound inviting...I'll keep checking on updates.


          Don't have any information about the AQ docking

          But if you are planning to attend the Festival and haven't done it already, best bet busy and book your hotel room. They're going fast !


            Finally, the AQ Steamboat Company revises docking

            Gee, almot a month after it was stated here the AQ Company sent notices to agents that the docking location in Lousiville will be at Cox's Park.

            Interesting that the cruise informaton package had one flier that stated it would dock in Lousiville next to Joes Crabshack, and another flier stated it would dock in Jeffersonville. The itenerary stated it would be Jeffersonville, which conflicted with one of the inserts. A call to the AQ headquarters was met with the reply " call your travel agent ". No wonder the blue water folks find steamboating a bit challenging!

            Hope to see some of the real steamboaters in Louisville and/or on the AQ trip departing that weekend.


              Sternline telegraph

              Over the years the most reliable and fastest source of river information has been the good old stern line telegraph. It has no vested interest in the info, as a company would have if there is a bad situation. Or in this case, if the right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing at the office! Looking at the maps of the boat locations put out by the Bash, I'd put my money on Cox Park for the AQ.


                AQ at Cox Park

                I have received information from AQ riverlorian Jerry Hay, who said that she will be moored at Cox Park, at least for October 18. Of course, things could change between here and there, as a short while ago I believed it would be in Jeffersonville.


                  AQ docking

                  The word on the street here in Jeffersonville is that the City of Jeff was willing to build a landing if the AQ would agree to dock here in the future, of which they would not agree. Therefore, the city backed out. It is shame for it would have been really good to have the AQ in downtown Jeff, and now with the walking bridge open one could have walked back and forth to the boats on either side.

                  Also, the Big 4 bridge will be a great place to watch any of the boats cruising, or to watch boat races that are planned for Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Sunday.

                  If you are new to the area, or haven't been in Jeffersonville this year, add a walk across the bridge to your agenda. You can park near the bridge free of charge and you won't be disappointed.


                    Steamboat Days

                    Yes, now I kind of feel bad for Jeffersonville! It was widely advertised that the incredible American Queen would be moored in town around the time of the Steamboat Days, but with it in Louisville, it's kind of a downer on the festival (Steamboat Days)! Oh well, I guess all can't go as planned. And, as said earlier, Jeffersonville is a beautiful place- nice town. It's disappointing the AQ will be 3 miles away, and not just across the river.
                    Happy Travels, ML


                      AQ docking.... Saturday

                      Have just received E-Mail from AQ Steamboat Company that docking point on Saturday 18 th. is Carrie Gaulbert Cox Park, River Road, Louisville 40207.

                      So it is not to be the delightfully named 'Dock next to Joe's Crab Shack' on West River Road, as originally advised!