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Happy _0th Birthday Curator Keith!

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    Happy _0th Birthday Curator Keith!

    Yes, today is a landmark birthday for Keith - he was born the same year Stan the Man hit 5 home runs in a doubleheader, the Salk vaccine was given en masse in school gyms across the country, and Jim Lowe's Green Door was a number one hit for weeks.
    So in the midst of preparations for the first Art and Antique Festival at the Howard, take a break and eat your cake... or orange Hostess cupcakes!

    Birthday boy Keith with Good Ted Guillam at an earlier Chautauqua. Unfortunately Ted has another gig this year and so won't be grinding away at the Howard...
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    *Keith's B-Day marking*
    Judy, very cool posting RE: Keith's B-Day. I remembered it was on/around this week. Rather jolts us when we see events in history linked to our birthdays, doesn't it?

    HAPPY B-DAY! Keith and keep pluggin' down at the Howard Museum.

    R. Dale Flick
    Coal Haven Landing, Ohio River, Cincinnati


      Happy Birthday, Keith! Have fun on "your" day!


        Happy Birthday to Keith, And a POX to Judy for mentioning all those events, as I can remember getting the sugar cubes, and Green Door on the radio, so I was not only already around, but old enough to remember all those things--where's that rest home brochure I just tossed out??? :)


          Just a bump

          Just posting something to bump Keith's birthday to the top, which he deserves considering how he never misses our special days.


            Happy Birthday Keith

            Happy Birthday on the BELLE OF LOUISVILLE CaLLiope - YouTube

            Happy Birthday Curator Keith. My apologies again for having to miss out on the HSM celebrations this year.


              Happy Birthday, Keith!

              Many (cake and pie filled) great wishes for your 39th Natal Day celebration!

              Hope all is going well back home and that you have the best possible day to celebrate today!



                MANY THANKS for all the kind greetings from dear friends to commemorate my 60th! It's been a WONDERFUL day and I'm stuffed with chocolate cake!