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Paddlewheeler headed to boatyard, not Super Bowl

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    Paddlewheeler headed to boatyard, not Super Bowl

    Current Affairs
    Dale DuPont
    January 15, 2013

    The American Queen has canceled its Feb. 7 and Feb. 15 sailings. Will be in the shipyard getting work done on its paddlewheel.

    Current Affairs - Paddlewheeler headed to boatyard, not Super Bowl -

    #2's pretty pathetic when the president of a steamboat company talks about a drive shaft on their boat's paddle.


      Superbowl XII was played in the New Orleans Superdome. The MQ was chartered for use as a hotel. To provide a River view to all passengers, just before dawn the boat wasturned by tugs 180 degrees.

      One woman made mention that she was quite surprised to walk out on her balcony 'not wearing much' to look directly into the pilothouse of a harbor boat!

      All in a days work. [Dallas won over Denver 27 to 10].


        While on another path to an off the subject: it appears that the QE2 will soon be turned into a 5 star hotel and all that involves being a tourist attraction and taken to a yet unnamed ASAIN port.

        I can guess where, but do not have a public release to quote. I'm sure those who are more tuned into the Ocean Trade can fill in all the details.