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Former Floating Restaurant Belle Angeline

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    Former Floating Restaurant Belle Angeline

    Today's STL P-D brings the news that the Former Restaurant "boat" Belle Angeline did not sell at auction Saturday. An auction Wednesday will attempt to sell off Kitchen equipment and all interior furnishings the superstructure and hull will be scrapped.

    The only bid for the vessel was $15,000.00 and was rejected according to the P-D; thus the forthcoming auction to sell off furnishings.

    Built by a local St Louis company on a retired barge.

    Current location

    Wasn't that over on the Illinois in Havana or somewhere in recent years?


      It went down to Metropolis first, as part of the casino operation, then it went to Havana where a person who bought it and spent a gob of money on it died before the project was finished.


        Herewith are several images from my camera and files of the BELLE ANGELINE at the St. Louis levee.

        1: Shuttered and closed in July, 1986. Moored in almost the same spot at Laclede's Landing as the RIVER QUEEN (formerly the CAPE GIRARDEAU/GORDON C. GREENE) that sank in 1967. Her bones have been "out for air" this hot, dry summer and fall.

        2: I took this from the top deck of the PRESIDENT in September, 1989, first time the BIG boat had been above the Eads Bridge in many years. The occasion was "Ruth Ferris Day", a special charter cruise honoring the beloved river historian on her 92nd birthday, sponsored by the Herman T. Pott Inland Waterways Library of the St. Louis Mercantile Library. The BELLE ANGELINE is at the far right. Also visible are the GOLDENROD SHOWBOAT and ADMIRAL.

        3: October 31, 1978 - I snapped this one on the bow of the BELLE ANGELINE during a DELTA QUEEN turnover day. Left to right, Capt. Lexie Palmore, Ruth Ferris and Sue Eastman, curator of the River Room of the Alton (IL) Museum of History & Art. We had lunch aboard the then new restaurant boat and I remember that for dessert we all greatly enjoyed the "Make it Yourself Sundae Bar". Ruth, then 81, made the BIGGEST sundae of all! It was a great day. In the background is the ADMIRAL in the shadow of Eads Bridge, opened in 1874.
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          And the rest of us are getting old-er.

          Have you heard from Sue Eastman lately? Kind of sad how many boats and people in these old photos are going, going, gone. Hope Sue is still ticking.


            Visited with Sue and her husband in St. Louis a few years back. She is retired from teaching history at Alton High School but Dana is still practicing Law.

            Indeed, the river boats and the river people are quickly dwindling away.


              Wasn't the Belle Angeline owned by members of the the Streckfus family for a time?