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*Our thoughts to Tschiggfrie/Spear Families*

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    *Our thoughts to Tschiggfrie/Spear Families*

    Steamboating colleagues:
    Just 'catching up' here on after a long absence. Our friend and colleague, David Tschiggfrie, just relayed news that his sister-in-law, wife Debbie's sister Amy, passed away last week following a long illness at her home. David contacted me early last week. Amy leaves behind her husband and six children. Her funeral mass was this past Saturday. The family stood vigil many days from morning to evening. "I was sick and ye visited me."

    John Spear, father of S&D's Jeff Spear, had emergency surgery in Marietta last week but is progressing very well, cheery, upbeat and looking forward to returning home this week. Knowing John, he's bored out of his skull in the hospital.

    A number of us have also had illness, emergency out-patient sugery in late August, early September and I was one. An infernal insect bite developed into a major problem with an added staph infection. OUCH! All fine now. Could have been a darned Asian Black Fly that bit me in Turkey or a Brown Recluse in Michigan. Don't ever dismiss an insect bite for a moment.

    On a lighter note, marine artist John Stobart phoned Saturday in a quandry seeking information, facts, details leading into a new large painting he's doing now at his home in Westport, MA. All was tracked down with chronology, history etc. and he's working on diligently. John Stobart is now a hearty 83 years of age. I hope to see him when he returns to Cincinnati in a matter of weeks. CHEERS!

    R. Dale Flick
    Coal Haven Landing, Ohio River, Cincinnati.