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    With no offense being laid out here to anyone or anything, I feel I must explain some personal Red Wing turnovers both my parents & I had experienced.....

    Having had several Red Wing cruise endings on the Delta Queen about 10 years ago (along with several other "NCP" changes on other routes as well!), with a personal vehicle parked in a garage just a few blocks from Lambert Landing, and hearing..."well we can take you to the airport otherwise you are on your own" can easily sour someone especially when thousands of dollars are spent for such travels!
    I hope & pray the riverboat companies operating today are more accomodating than the former DQ company had practiced, given the cruise rates are much-much higher today than they were 10 years ago when I still travelled as such.
    I know as well as anyone river conditions or alike create a mess in scheduling, or things come up!! parents & I cruised enough to know this....that is not my beef at all, but being told an ultimatum like we can take you to the airport & then fend for yourself can create lots of hard feelings.

    That being said, during our Red Wing stops, we were fortunate to have been able to have rented a vehicle there from one of the local car dealers and then drive up to St Paul to pick our vehicle & return to Red Wing. This move was actually cheaper than hiring a cab to St Paul, or taking a cab from the airport into downtown St Paul, especially with handling luggage & alike twice.

    I had written a letter to the former DQ company after the 2nd time this happened to us with no response in return. I never asked for a dime of compensation, I just explained the experience. No surprise there...that was one of several reasons my family & I stopped travelling on the DQ ultimately.

    Was this TV report over sensationalized? Yes, isn't everything in the media today? Dirty laundry sells the news today....but former travellers like I who did drive & park a vehicle, although miniscule in number, needn't be written off as well with blanket generalizations.

    It's all about customer service...the customer i.e. the passenger pays the paycheck, not some mystical source.

    When businesses can fully grasp that, they usually have much sucess. When they don't, they usually fail.

    below is a USCG link, I don't know if it will work...but anyways this was an incident back in August 2003 which occured on the DQ & it still made it to St Paul, it too would have been a legitmate reason, much like this river closure and unlike my 2 other Red Wing turnovers...I was on that cruise in question (I came on in LaCrosse) with my parents, Franz, Carmen & Leonie and Judy Patsch...

    USCG NSF RRI Administration Validation Error Page


      You are 100% spot-on, Pete. It's always the little things. Many little things make a good experience, be it in customer service, design, anything.