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Queen of the Mississippi off to rough start...

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    Queen of the Mississippi off to rough start...

    Bridge construction cuts 1st Queen of the Mississippi cruise short

    here's the story: Construction cuts 1st Queen of the Mississippi cruise short - Minneapolis News and Weather KMSP FOX 9
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    I´ve done this cruise three times (DQ, MQ, AQ) and only once we were able to dock at Lambert´s Landing. The other two times we ended up in Red Wing. But what´s the problem with that? Everyone will be bussed to the Twin Cities and the new passengers will be bussed to Red Wing. You don´t miss much as usually it´s a nighttime cruise into the Twin Cities anyway.

    So I don´t understand why the passengers are upset. That´s river cruising!!

    I´m still waiting for my third cruise to Nashville :-). The first two ones ended in Paducah and Clarksville...



      "Why are the passengers upset?"

      Carmen you ask this - the answer is because they aren't 'passengers' anymore - they are guests. And they don't understand, nor probably care, about river eccentricities. While we all know "Navigating conditions permitting" by heart, that's a foreign concept now.


        Re: "Why are the passengers upset""

        While I do not necessarily disagree with the previous thoughts on this topic, I would like to suggest that this may have been mildly over dramatized by the news station(s), and as best I can tell, "Upset Passengers" appeared to be only one lady being interviewed on the phone that would probably complain even if they did make it to Lambert's.

        Conversely, may I also suggest that we (as a group) tone down the criticism of the very people (passengers or guests) and their wallets who are making it possible for 2 overnight vessels to return to the the rivers in our delicately recovering economy. Every dollar from an experienced steamboater is just as important as any dollar from first timers from far away places.

        One lady, or a few people, being upset about their trip being cut short by 30 miles does not quite lump the current day passenger/guest demographic in to the bucket of "don't understand or don't care".



          You correct that media might have over dramatized the situation.

          But it´s getting more and more common in the cruise business (and I mean ocean and river cruises) that people do complain because of a missed port (whatever reason caused missing the port) and claiming for compensation.

          Recently Viking river cruises (and others) wasn´t able to get one of it´s ships to Nuremberg for turnover because of low water. The guests were taken to the most recent 4 star hotels in Nuremberg, the next day the got on the city tour (as planned), had a local lunch and continued their bus tour plus a 2.5 hour trip to the ship in Vilshofen. You should have read the complaints of one lady on cruisecritic starting out with a spartan hotel (o.k., it´s a stylish modern hotel) with not made beds (that´s the way we do our beds over here) up to "breakfast saugages for lunch with sauerkraut" (hmm, that´s local food - the famous Nuremberger Bratwurst)... and so on...



            Current passengers/guests

            You're right Eric about this one passenger not being the whole current crop. However I don't think you've taken a cruise recently to see the interests of today's passengers/guests. Please go back to my thread I posted as I was on board the AQ July 19-22. Note the absence of passengers on deck during absolutely gorgeous weather. They were inside at shows, talks, or perhaps even lounging in their rooms in their furnished bathrobes. As we've said on another thread, times have changed and those of us who care about navigation and steam and such don't have the money to ride today. Those who do have the money to ride have other interests, so the boats/hotels are catering to them. Its just good business sense. I don't believe saying that they don't know "Navigating conditions permitting" is derogatory, merely a fact. It is also a fact that today's passengers are paying big bucks to ride. So they obviously expect near perfection for those dollars. I know I would if I were coughing up $500-1000 a night to be on board!


              Ah... Lambert's Landing.

              2 miles from where I used to live in HighWoods neighborhood.
              Spent many a day down there gaping at the DQ.



                Missing Out!!

                I will argue that the stretch from Red Wing, MN to St. Paul, MN offer some of the most beautiful river views that you can take in. This time of year with a 5 p.m. Red Wing, MN departure its daylight from Red Wing, MN to at least Prescott WI if not Hastings, MN. For the die hard's nothing beats pulling into St. Paul and experiencing the turn at Lambert's Landing in the shadows of downtown. For the St. Paul, MN departure it's daylight to about Cottage Grove ,MN and possibly coming into the locks at Hastings, MN.

                Another issue is that towards the end of the American Queens last run (I know she's a different lady) she never made it past Red Wing, MN in her last year on the upper Mississippi. Everyone knows that was nothing more than a cost saving maneuver for the previous ownership. That left a huge hole in the hearts of us "Twin City steamboat enthusiast's" as we never were afforded the opportunity to say "good bye".

                Its bad enough that our pathetic local media rarely even mentions the coming or goings of our beloved lady's but when the finally do its in a negative manner.

                I just wish that the management of the QOTM would have had better foresight and planned for this accordingly. It would have been nice to take my nieces and nephews down to Lambert's Landing to show them the newest steamboat on the river. That's how it started for me a long time ago and I'm still passionate about steamboat's to this day. You can't get kid's excited about what they cant see.

                Hope she makes it all the way in October.



                  I had refrained from posting on this thread, but will put in my two cents worth (and its probably not worth that...).

                  As far as prior planning, I feel quite sure thay have to plan those trips far in advance of any notices being put out by the Corps of Engineers concerning river closures for various reasons. The river is only closed from 0600 Friday to 1800 Saturday, which is a pretty short closure considering the work that must be performed. However, because the QofM operates on a schedule, this ruins their plans for St. Paul this trip. The CoE did put out a notice about a week ago.

                  Were I a paying passenger on this trip, I too would likely be disappointed, but I am probably not their typical passenger. I would also be over my disappointment pretty quickly, while some may not be.

                  As Judy mentioned, the caveat "NCP" (navigation conditions permitting) was long published in the old DQ company literature. To me, just seeing that adds an element of adventure to the whole thing, knowing that "there could be navigation problems, but by golly, they're gonna try!"

                  So it is likely the QofM management could not have foreseen this. I share your disappointment for your nieces not being able to see the boat, because that's really how it started for most of us on this board. While the QUEEN OF THE MISSISSIPPI does not seem like it would be my cup of tea, I wish them every success.


                    now it's 4 cents

                    So, here's my 2 cents. Lambert Landing is tall a concrete wall and a busy road. Not exactly Oak Alley.

                    For a long time I wondered what NCP meant.


                      The B&O railroad and the Wiggins Ferry Company cooperated with the USPS resulting that a crisp Reflector was delivered to our abode Saturday. A splendid weather day Sunday resulted in 99% of the Reflector (which I might add is yet another superlative example of The Editor's labors) was devoured while enjoying the porch swing .

                      With the various comments on the QoM I was rather amused to read in the description of the Str. Queen City [Falls Heroes:-----] 'The magnificent packet QUEEN CITY, bound for NOLA Mardi 1914. ..........she was at that time the only boat on the Ohio that had a wireless radio aboard as she was a deluxe steamer that catered to wealthy patrons of Pittsburgh. Every stateroom had an outside door, electric lights and every convenience of a HOTEL.....forward cabin ...shape of a crescent fitted with glass doors and windows....full view of the panorama as the boat passed along the river...........'

                      Add 98 years.......sounds like a promo for the QoM or AQ.......amenities--"convenience" of a hotel Chuckle!


                        Q of M today

                        I finally got my first close up look at her today headin back down @ Lock 7 (Dresbach).

                        I guess I noticed a few things that I hadn't seen on the photos on the internet. The wheel itself is really quite large, and appears very well constructed. It looks to be just a few feet shy of the width that the MQ's wheel had.. It is a shame they are not using it more.. Definitely not engaged today when I saw her, but got a little (free wheeling) turning action when the started flyin down the river after departing the chamber. (see pic)

                        Only noticed 4 or 5 people out on the decks on a gorgeous day. It was right around lunchtime however, so I will give that topic the benefit of the doubt.

                        The one really unpleasant thing to see,while at the lock, is the entire stern (on all decks) was almost black from what appears to be exhaust soot. A few people had already fingered in a "clean me" right into a bulkhead wall in a passenger common area (like a filthy car). I never noticed this on previous pics, but the main exhaust pipes appear to be somewhat hidden and hung underneath and out on the fantails. I am guessing that position would be the culprit for this black mess. Wouldn't a turning wheel, (even if just free wheeling, throw that stuff right into the superstructure?) All exhausts seem rather "unmuffled", and make things pretty loud back there, to the degree of a lineboat towboat.

                        I remember on the MQ a mild amount of soot that would buildup on the top deck over the course of a day, but that always seemed to add to the charm for me.. ?? (i know, I am weird that way). This just looked awful though.

                        I guess they are probably working a few more kinks and what not, and all will get worked out eventually.

                        She is definitely not a visual replacement for the DQ/MQ, but still a very pleasant sight to see -- especially in how fast they can fly down river - that was amazing to me.

                        Pic was taken just out of Lock 7, right under the I-90 highway Bridge.
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                          Certainly one place where navigation conditions can be way more unpredictable than on the river, is up here off the rock bound coast of Maine. It's often the case that seas are too rough for the ACL vessels to get around to Bar Harbor on the popular Maine Coast and Harbor cruises, and passengers have to be taken there by motorcoach from an alternate landing like Bucksport. I talk to these passengers every week, as well as get the 'lowdown' on how the cruise is going from the Cruise Director or Hotel Manager, and mostly I find these are savvy and well traveled passengers who very well understand about NCP. For the most part they 'go with the flow' and take things in stride. ACL, like any reputable cruise line, will do what they can to make up for any deficiencies. Sure, there's always going to be one or two who are unhappy and complain about having to miss something, but they're the ones who are usually miserable and complain about everything anyway.


                            Hey Bob, I thought I had your direct email address, but only had an old yahoo address of yours.. Check your private messages on this forum. I sent you a note.

                            (sorry to be "off topic" in this thread)...


                              I know this puts me in the odd position of defending ACL, but this is much ado about not so much.

                              1. Not going to St Paul is no big deal since all they would do is get off the boat and go to the airport.

                              2. Why do any travel arrangements need to be changed? It's just a longer bus ride to the airport, right?

                              3. What is the alternative? Try to run the river and see if thay can blast through the construction site? I mean, I know that boat goes fast, but I suspect not fast enough to do that.

                              Lady, get a grip. Seriously. Just so there's no confusion, I'm talking about the lady talking to the TV station on her phone. And come to think of it, how did that phone call come about. Did she take it on herself to call them so she dould hear her voice on television? Or did they somehow get her number and call her?

                              The only "problem" I would see is if the cruise truly ended in Red Wing and they cut out the last day. Personally, I would rather spend an extra day in beautiful Red Wing, but that's just me.

                              This might get me in trouble with some good friends ...... but .....

                              Look, the QOM, from what I can see, offers a much different product than my beautiful boat. I don't consider them competition, not because they're evil, they're just different. To me, the big difference is the level of comittment to entertainment but I'm kind of biased in that regard.

                              Who knows? Maybe first time river pax on the QOM will ride over there and wonder what the AQ is like and ride with us the next time. And it could work the other way too.

                              It's a big river, folks. Float and let float, I say.

                              But I can't resist reacting to that TV channel repeatedly referring to her as a "paddle boat". Attached, please find a picture of a paddle boat.
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