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*Meeting Franz in Istanbul, Turkey*

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    *Meeting Franz in Istanbul, Turkey*

    Steamboating colleagues,
    E=Mail exchanges here from Franz mentions he will be also in Istanbul, Turkey on June 30, same day I'll be arriving by ship, continuing on to Greec/Italy. What a surprise like 'Ships that pass in the night.' Franz will be aboard SEADREAM II from Athens to Istanbul. Franz disembarks his ship at 4:00 PM for flight home. We'll 'try' to coordinate at least to say "Hi." With our tour of Istanbul/Black Sea etc. along with international ship/airline security it may be a close call. There's a Homeland Security worldwide now with even tougher regulations, whether we like it or not. We'll be on PRINCESS CRUISES ship RUBY PRINCESS sailing this coming week from Barcelona, Spain until 2nd week of July. Whether our two ships will be docked close a good question. We steam the Dardanelles past ancient Troy, Gallipoli and into the Sea of Marmara. We end in Venice several days; then on to Paris. 'How you gonna' keep them down on the farm after they've see Paree?'

    R. Dale Flick
    Coal Haven Landing, Ohio River, Cincinnati

    Dale, maybe you can snag an extra little "evil eye" to bring to S&D. One of the pundits on NPR was theorizing that if all Europeans [comment was aimed toward the policies Angela Merkel] would take a Holiday in Greece the financial crisis might be eased some there.



      We┬┤ve just spent a week on the Norwegian Jade out of Venice/Italy calling Corfu, Santorini, Mykonos and Katakolon (all Greece). I did my share to save the Greek economy :-)!!



        Safe Travels!

        Have a safe trip, Dale! Hope the weather is great and I look forward to seeing your pictures when you're back in the states!


          *Cruising the Aegean Sea at this time*
          Hi, Taylor & Steamboating colleagues,
          This long Mediterranean cruise has been a real adveture since boarding the ship in Bartcelona, Spain. Not a cloud in the sky since June 21st. Temps very warm with strong sea breezes and very low humidity. Tuscany, Rome, Naples/Amalfi Drive/ruins of Pompeii wonderful. All day at sea yesterday rounding the Italian boot. Today in the bluer Aegean and now sailing on to Istambul in the early morning. Ship enters the Dardanelles about 10:00 PM tonight. Don't think I'll connect with Franz tomorrow or not but will try. Winds and sea running high as we sail north. Some decks blocked off this afternoon due to high seas and wind. Food is wonderful aboard.

          This the first time I've checked any E=Mails since before leaving home. I'll click through here tonight. Ship is fully booked for entire cruse. Rome wonderful seeing the sights again. The Sistine Chapel ceiling by Michangelo now cleaned/restored and takes your breath away. Visited one big cathedral south of Naples and heard a fantastic pipe organ concert. Hope all well back in the states. It's 9:00 PM at sea now with the sun setting and night coming on.

          R. Dale Flick from the Aegean Sea.