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BELLE OF LOUISVILLE in Madison Indiana

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    BELLE OF LOUISVILLE in Madison Indiana

    Greetings from Louisville:
    In a few hours the BELLE & I will be departing the 4TH Street wharf, up-bound for 6hrs to Madison IN. "With a historical twist"..
    For the first time in 23 years the CaLLiope player on the BELLE will be standing AT the Steam CaLLiope on the Texas roof, Playing the CaLLiope.. Yesterday Dan and I carried up the equipment to accomplish this feat, "Mainly to do a major tuning".. (many Thanks to Dan Lewis)..
    I Was SO happy to be invited for this trip again.. Last year Alan Bates and I had a fun time with the German TV crew, who were on the BELLE doing a documentary...

    Sincerely hope some of our folks here on .ORG will be there in Madison and take some photos/videos of this event from the river bank..
    Also, (is my understanding), the BELLE OF CINCINNATI will be there for a race on Saturday around 2:30 pm..

    I will most likely be out of Internet service for the next 3 days, so if I don't reply to any comments, that is why..
    I hope to meet and greet some of Y'all in Madison.. LOL

    Best Wishes from Louisville./Madison. :)<----
    DAVE ...
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    Have fun!! We┬┤re still waiting for that documentary to be aired.



      Rolling on the River

      Play some tunes and/or blow us a whistle when you pass by the museum. I'll be there early to put the coffee pot on and open up "the BIG house" today. Yvonne will be among those making the trip to Madison. I think some dot orgers will also be aboard.

      Happy Steamboating!


        Fill me in.

        Did I miss something? Why did you have to install your keyboard on the Belle? Are they doing a repair to the Belle's keyboard? Also what is happening in Madison with the boats? Is this a public cruise to Madison and back? October is so busy for me I guess I just cannot keep up. Too many Oktoberfests, Um Pah Bands, and organ grinding.


          I've been looking forward to this for several months. See you on Sunday!


            Ted: Both the BELLE of LOUISVILLE and BELLE of CINCINNATI will be spending the weekend at Madison, offering cruises, a riverboat race, etc., as part of the Steamboat Bicentennial Celebration. This is sponsored by The Rivers Institute of Hanover College. There are also exhibits, storytelling and a "Legacy of Steam" show on the lawn of the Lanier Mansion. For all the details go to Rivers Institute and then click on Steamboat Celebration.

            The BELLE of LOUISVILLE passed the museum this beautiful autumn morning at 9:35. I heard her whistle as she approached the lower end of the shipyard and went to the third floor billiard room windows, where I had a ringside seat to wave and watch her chuffing and puffing upriver at a sprightly pace. In the bright sunshine she made quite a memorable sight, her red sternwheel briskly churning up the sparkling river amidst glorious clouds of snowy white steam! Made my day!!!


              Here are a few photos of the Steamboat Bicentennial event at Madison over the weekend. These were taken Saturday, from the Barbara H's pilothouse.

              The weather was clear and sunny. But a pesky +30 mph wind, which began Friday afternoon and continued through Sunday, caused problems for the boats.

              We were there with the Barbara H to do our private fall foliage cruise (which usually takes place from our landing near Carrollton, up the Kentucky River to Lock 1 and back). As it happened, this year we made an 11th-hour decision to do our cruise from Madison, to see the "big" boats, and perhaps add some visual interest to the event with the Barbara H. (As the Steamboat Bicentennial was being planned 1 year ago, the Barbara H was invited to be part of the event, but we had to decline due to fall schedule conflicts, which later never materialized).

              First photo shows the Belle of Cincinnati with the Belle of Louisville obscured beyond her, at Madison's public landing. Second photo is the Belle of Louisville approaching the landing after the abbreviated steamboat race (too much wind!). Third photo shows both Belles, and was taken while we were getting underway upriver, heading home. Note the starched flags and rough river conditions!
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                Nice photos. My wife and her sister are on the way to Newport now to take the Belle of Cincinnati cruise to Nashville which departs on Saturday. Anyone else going?
                -Jim Herron


                  Photos of the Belle of Louisville at Madison, IN

                  Here are some photos I took of the Belle at Madison yesterday.
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                    Photos of the Belle of Louisville at Madison, IN 2

                    Here are more photos of the Belle I took yesterday at Madison.
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                      More Pix

                      A few more pix of, and on the BELLE.
                      1. The BELLEs getting ready to depart on Sunday afternoon.
                      2. Martha Gibbs (the BELLE's regular CaLLiope player) playing the CaLLiope from the roof for the very first time..
                      3. Yours truly playing a Sunday afternoon boarding.
                      And it included a "Cruising Down The River On A Sunday Afternoon".
                      One of Homer Denney's favorites "Goofus", and Doc's "AVALON" were just a few of the songs played.
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                        Goofus was written by Wayne King, the Waltz King, who hailed from Sabula Iowa on the UMR... useless info for today. Does this temporary keyboard on the roof signal a possible permanent move, I hope?


                          Judy: Doubtful. :/ The Keyboard I used was from my Steam CaLLiope 44..
                          I think the only way it would happen on a permanent setting is IF I donate the necessary equipment, and install it..
                          But I must admit, playing the CaLLiope from the roof one feels as though perched on a mountain top for the world to see..
                          And was SO much easier to get a really good tuning done on the instrument with the keyboard at it..
                          Besides that, It was really REALLY fun playing it there... lol


                            Keyboard and player at calliope

                            It is just so much more visual for the player to be at the calliope - otherwise people think its a recording.


                              Roof Keyboard.

                              Yes, most people think it is on a player unit because they don't see the Calliope Player..
                              However , While doing some You-Tube searching I came across this video that, (Thankfully) someone posted, showing the CaLLiope Player where, Quote (God intended them to be).. Yours Truely playing in the video..

                              Belle of Louisville's Calliope music - Madison Indiana - YouTube