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"Flash" flooding on the UMR

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    "Flash" flooding on the UMR

    While Reflector editor Dave Tschiggfrie was finishing the next issue out in his ark, over 10 inches of rain fell on Dubuque and environs Wednesday/Thursday. This caused an unheard of 4 ft. overnight rise on the UMR, which is making its way down here now. We have gone up a couple of feet already and I see the barriers at the ready for the Sunset Park roads, as it is predicted to hit 17 ft. or 2 feet above flood stage on Saturday. This won't get to the downtown buildings in Davenport, but it will affect the levee parking lots and the entrance to Credit Island. Normally this wouldn't be a problem, but on Saturday the RAGBRAI bike event across Iowa ends in Davenport and the Bix 7 Road Race occurs. RAGBRAI is supposed to dip their tires in the river on the Marquette St. ramp, but it looks like their ride will be a couple of blocks shorter. Many of the riders camp overnight on Credit Island, which may or may not be accessible. Also, some bikers left their cars on the levee lots last weekend and bussed to the starting point. The Bix runners are gathered together on Brady St. and overflowing into the levee parking lots... so it will be interesting tomorrow. While you Ohio River people are used to quick rises, we aren't over here. Of course, we don't usually get 10 inches of rain either...

    Look out below!

    We got the southen end of the Galena/Dubuque storm and could not leave the house until 10:15 a.m. due to thunder, lightning and heavy rain. Could not even see the river but noticed that the Twilight was out when we looked at her landing on our way to the QC.

    Today we have no landing, no beach and the bottom two steps of the 45 are under water. More is heading your way.