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Confirmed the fate of the Par-a-Dice (Golden Lady)

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    Confirmed the fate of the Par-a-Dice (Golden Lady)

    I was surfing the web today and stumbled across a picture of the ex. Par-a-Dice (Golden Lady) taken February 22, 2010!! The boat is operating as a cruising casino in....Boa, India. She is intact and looks basically like she did when she was operating in Illinois and Iowa.

    She is called the "Boa Sorte" and operates out of one India's richest states where apparently they have at least six other casino vessels.

    The only major differences I noticed were the boom and stage are gone (the king's pole is still there), the rails on third deck in front of the rescue boat have been moved behind the boat and they replaced the boat/davit, the windows on second deck aft have been covered and the bull-rail on main deck appears to have been replaced by a different type of railing and extended around the entire head deck. Other than that, it's the same boat.

    Good to learn the rumors about her being reduced to a barge weren't true, just wish she was still in the good ole U.S.A. Of course if she was, she'd probably just rusting away in some fleet.

    Here is a link: http: // to the Flicker page with the picture, maybe someone else knows how to post it.


    Another picture, not sure when it was taken, here she has the name "Casino Carnival" and appears to be anchored:


      And yet another:


        Repost of the first link:

        Goa Casino boat no. 7 (Boa Sorte) | Flickr - Photo Sharing!


          This appears to be the "Bossier City", which I believe Isle of Capri operated in Louisiana and was for sale a few years back.

          Goa CAsino boat | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

          Casino Pride | Flickr - Photo Sharing!


            I was looking for more information online and came across an article from a news source in India, it was dated March of 2010. It appears that all but one of the seven casino boats are anchored in a bay and not operating because the government in Boa has increased the entrance fee for passengers and the entertainment tax charged to the casino operators by as much as one thousand percent. The article also goes on to say that the anchored boats are a hazard to navigation.

            I guess things in India aren't that much different than over here...


              Capt. John,

              Although I am glad to see she is still in tact, like you I hate the fact she is over there rotting away instead of here. Too close to Alang for me! Doesn't look like it'd take too much to make something out of her. The only problem is the expense getting her back here.

              At least she got more use over there than she would over here!



                I don't think the expense of getting her back would be the problem. I was watching a show about mega-yachts being moved on huge transport ships, the yachts were anywhere from 100'-300', and they said the cost was approximately one thousand dollars per foot. If that is the case, it would cost about $228,000 to bring her back.

                I think the real expense would be in getting her re-certified after being a foreign flag vessel. I'm sure they've done things to her mechanically and structurally that the U.S. Coast Guard would probably frown upon. That's not to say that whatever they've done over there wasn't done well, it's apparent from the pictures that they take safety seriously. Just from what I can see in the picture they've improved on the rescue boat and davit. Also, they added a lot more life rafts, it appears to be enough for all the passengers and crew. Over here, she was only required to carry enough life rafts for ten percent of her capacity. I'm sure it could be done, just be a little extra work with the coasties.

                Another small change I noticed besides what I mentioned in my first post is the huge mast aft of the canopy on the fourth deck. At first glance I thought that was on a ship behind the boat, but it is actually on her.

                Powerball is 82 million tonight...sure would be cool to see the Diamond Lady and Golden Lady running together. At this point though, if I had that kind of money, I would put it into the Mississippi Queen. I still think she would have the best chance of success of the three Queens, just because of her size and amenities. Not too small, not too big.

                Anyhow, dare to dream...



                  It's funny, even though I've got only a snowballs chance in Hell of ever having the money to do anything with any of the boats, even if I had fifty million dollars in my pocket right now it would be a dilemma.

                  I recently took my daughter to the Humane Society to pick a kitten and that kind of reminds me of what I would do if I did come into a large amount of money. You see all these cute kittens and even the older cats and know that many of them would make a good pet and that if not adopted soon, they will probably be euthanized. It makes you want to save them all.

                  There are so many good boats that I love...Delta Queen, Mississippi Queen, American Queen (least favorite), Julia Belle Swain, Diamond Lady, Golden Lady, Casino Rock Island, etc.. If you could only save one and know that the others will probably be euthanized (so-to-speak), which one do you choose? I would love to be in the tough position of making that choice, but it really would be hard.

                  Anyhow, everytime the lottery gets up high I start daydreaming more and more...



                    *RE: PAR-A-DICE/Goa, India etc.*
                    Hi, John, Travis & Steamboating colleagues:
                    Fascinating posting with links above on the PAR-DICE now in Goa, India, formerly the Portugese colonly for 350 years until returned to India in 1961. This all new to me but appreciated. The mere logistics of repositioning the vessel that far away mind boggling. Let's not 'go' where the legal and insurance factors are concerned. 'Paper Corporations' abound with all that implies. And we thought Capt. Tom Greene bringing the DELTA QUEEN, 1947, from San Francisco area to New Orleans and on to Cincinnati and DRAVO near Pittsburgh a classic voyage. I'd surmise once in Goa the vessel won't be making a return trip.

                    Goa, India's richest state, has been a mecca for foreign tourist and Indians alike. Tourism in 2010 dropped some 30% due to international financial problems along with terrorist threats following the Mumbai bombings. The Indian navy playing a positive role in issues of piracy off the coast of Africa. I well remember aboard ship warnings while sailing through pirate prone waters. Having been to that part of the world one is careful on any boat or conveyance due to varying codes of safety and construction. You keep your eyes open constantly noting all. You can go on line and type in any foreign destination you are considering along with 'Travel advisories' and see what pops up from our own U.S. State Dept. and other similar departments of developed 1st World nations. This not done by many only to their regret when they faced issues in such countries. You keep names, addresses, phone numbers of the local U.S. Embassy on your person. India is a mind blower in more ways than one positve and negative. Worth seeing, but be prepared for bad dreams some months after you return. Watch what you touch, eat or drink. They don't spray your shoes and baggage upon re-boarding your ship for nothing. Well, what do I know?

                    R. Dale Flick
                    Coal Haven Landing, Ohio River, Cincinnati.