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    Greetings from New Orleans what I had planned to post. Unfortunately I am in an HIExpress in Southhaven, Mississippi, near the Memphis airport. My flight to NOLA was cancelled, as were many Delta flights today. And the ones that weren't cancelled were delayed at least 2 hours in Memphis. I suspect some sort of job action or slowdown but can't find any news of it online. They at least gave us a hotel voucher - oops the hotel was full, its Elvis Week here in the Memphis area! I grabbed a shuttle and got the last room at this place, but I don't know where the other hundred or more victims are staying. They had rerouted me tomorrow to Birmingham, then to Atlanta, then to N.O. I rerouted myself back home IF they decide to fly tomorrow. So, no live from the steaming levee this month. I'll attempt a visit in November, when the temperatures will be more moderate anyway, and maybe by then something will have been decided about the MQ. When I get home, I'll have more time to dig for relics for the River Rummage Sale at the Howard, anyway!

    It's all still here and in good shape, just very,very hot. My youngest daughter was down for the week. Rode the Natchez with Capt. Don, visited the M.Q., got her on a couple of tugs, and finished the vacation with a 6 hr. downbound trip on a very nice KT Tanker, St. James to the Point. She better understands what Dad does for a living and plotting to attend LSU for her next year of college. Taking her to the airport to fly out just ahead of TD 5. Expect it to come in tonight of tomorrow morning. Coming down in Nov. makes better sense due to the hot weather. Back to work for myself, another fun filled week on a N.O. Harbor tug.


      NOLA heat

      Thanks Fred. I knew it would be hot, but its miserable at home too - so I guess I'd rather have had the NOLA humidity for a few days. I presume the MQ looks the same as this current owner is holding out hope to resell her. Are they guarding her at all now?


        There was a little river action on this 'trip'

        I'm back home after a 26 hour 'vacation' to Southhaven Mississippi, courtesy of Delta Whoop Whoop Airline. But flying back today from Memphis, I spotted the Missouri to the west, could see a bit of the Mississippi above St. Louis, which meant we flew right over downtown. But then we turned slightly and followed the Illinois River up to Beardstown - thanks to the recent SPIRIT OF PEORIA trip I could recognize some landmarks: the lift bridge at Hardin and our landing area; Kampsville and the m/v AMERICA, with the GOLDENROD upriver by itself, and Beardstown with the U.S. 67 bridge. It appeared that the Illinois was back in its banks, couldn't tell by the little bit of Mississippi I saw. So that was the highlight of my nontrip to New Orleans... Whenever I fly, I can't really tell cities, but I can spot locks and dams, bridges, Land between the Lakes, etc. Once we circled Cincinnati and I saw the DQ at the landing, once at cruising altitude we passed over Louisville and the BELLE was a little dot. But in all my flights into and out of New Orleans, I've never seen the NATCHEZ. When you swing around to the south and make the approach to land to the north, you pass right over an anchorage and usually look like you're buzzing a ship at anchor. Don't know if I'd choose to drop anchor right in that path, considering how low the planes are at that point...


          M.Q. Condition- Every time I see the boat she looks in more degraded condition. From a distance she is a charcoal dust black from mold. All but one gate was closed and locked. You could still walk up to her and there was no security. Pretty much everything that can be carried off, has been. There is little left with logos still on board. Scattered papers with company heading but little else to show the item came from the M.Q. Most doors standing open, puddles of rain water standing in passageways. Major project if anyone wants to put her back in any kind of service, but for me, still many Ghost haunt her.