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StarShip Landing sinks

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    StarShip Landing sinks

    Many of you will remember the old StarShip Landing at Louisville. It was the former wharfboat for the STAR of LOUISVILLE (later the STAR OF JEFFERSONVILLE) dinner excursion boat at Louisville (and later Jeffersonville, IN).

    There has been alot of controversy about this vessel lately over in Jeffersonville. The owners abandoned it when they took the STAR OF JEFFERSONVILLE excursion boat away and stored it up at Marine Builders Ship Yard about 7 miles up river. It sank last fall. The owner hasn't triet to do a thing and was sited for it to be removed by the 15th of April. When he didn't do anything the City of Jeffersonville hired a contractor to remove the vessel. As of last week the vessel was being salvaged (scrapped) at the city front of Jeffersonville.

    Last evening, about 7:00pm EDT, the vessel broke free in the swollen Ohio River and began to take on water (last week there was a pump running to keep it aflot, I am assuming the pump stopped when she left the dock), and capsized. Once she rolled she promptly sank on her side.

    This made for an interesting news story I will share with you in a link.

    I still fail to understand how the news media finds the least knowledgeable people at the scene of news and uses their testimony in the story. Much less, doesn't research it to find out what they are talking about! Notice they refer to it as a ferry boat which ferried passengers to the STAR. How interesting is that? For that matter, what an expensive business that would have been if it infact did! He, he, he!

    Star of Jeffersonville's companion boat sinks again in Ohio River - WAVE 3 - Louisville, KY

    The pictures I have posted are from last Wednesday, taken during the steam vs Diesel boat race at Louisville.

    Travis: The "starship Landing" boat was floating when I crossed the Second Street Bridge en route home around 4:45 yesterday, but I noticed it had a large mud line around it, from the recent sinking(s) allegedly due to the electricity being turned off to the pumps.

    This morning the landing barge was quite a spectacle, lying on its side a pretty good distance from shore! Jeffersonville's Mayor Galligan is NOT happy and said that now the city will be saddled with the removal of the wreck.


      As if this were not enough news in the is more that happend just after midnight last night.

      Bridges hit by coal barges overnight | | The Courier-Journal

      Keith, I will have to go down there and check it out this evening when things calm down around here! Jeff's Mayor has been really upset about that boat for a long while. Too bad things have come to this with him and David Evanczyk (the boats owner). They sure looked happy with each other when the boat was up and running over there!