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    DaR Lunch

    Yesterday I went to Rising Sun, IN to take care of some business. I meet Capt. Don Sanders and was treated to a showing of some of his collection of Steamboat memorabilia. I would not be wrong in refering to it as Howard-East. I was then treated to a DaR meeting aboard the Grand Vic. D for both Capts Don Sanders and Don Leeds, the R being Capt. Roger Hilligoss.
    I neither write well enough, nor is there enough space to cover the whole of the gathering.
    Needless to say, stories were told, names dropped, truths questioned and a great deal of comradery shared.
    All the above named are doing well.
    I want to thank Capt. Sanders for being an excellent host and once again making me understand that boats are where I make my living, but yesterdays gathering is the benefits package no company could offer.

    A good time was had by all... wish one more very special guest could have been there, too.