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Big Muddy Festival booking information

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    Big Muddy Festival booking information

    Some have asked about tickets to the festival. It's all contained in the Historic Boonville Soundings pdf file, and here it is - the website and phone numbers:

    Big Muddy Tickets go on sale January 15th!
    $20 per night or $35 for both nights
    Visit Friends of Historic Boonville
    Or 1-888-588-1477 or 660-882-7977 to purchase.

    A Bit of the Delta Queen Comes to Thespian Hall

    From the stage of the legendary steamboat Delta
    (well, the bandstand, really, the stage is what
    most non-river people would call the gangplank)
    come former cruise directors and extraordinary
    entertainers Bob Schad and Jazzou Jones. They
    have performed as a duo since 1981, when they were
    paired as a banjo-ragtime piano act for the Great
    Steamboat Race between the Delta Queen and
    Mississippi Queen. Both these talented and engaging
    entertainers had worked previously as solo performers
    for the Delta Queen Steamboat Co., and from the
    moment they appeared together in the Paddlewheel
    Lounge, they were a hit. In the years since, they have
    directed entertainment and performed their own solo
    shows aboard these magnificent paddlewheelers.
    Kansas City native Bob Schad has entertained on
    USO tours to Asia and Europe, and has worked
    frequently for The Mouse in Florida at Walt Disney
    World, Cypress Gardens, and Rosie O'Grady's. He is
    also a veteran cruise director and entertainer on deep-
    sea vessels. Jazzou Jones, from Maine, has tickled the
    ivories from a young age, entertaining regularly in
    concert at clubs and festivals from coast to coast, as
    well as playing locally in Cincinnati for ten years on
    day excursions with BB Riverboats.