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Cpt. Dennis Trone, Cpt. John Hartford and the Julia Belle Swain

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    Cpt. Dennis Trone, Cpt. John Hartford and the Julia Belle Swain

    Just updated a page on memories and thoughts on the Julia Belle Swain, Captain Dennis Trone and Captain John Hartford. Enough subject matter to take up a book, but I did my best to document digitally this special period in time.

    Hope you enjoy.
    Down River

    Thank You Very Much

    Enjoyed, I did, your visual images of John, Dennis, the Julie Belle, and the river. Well-spoken. Halfway through came the realization your words were set to a John Hartford tune... "faint echo of music, beautiful, sonorous, sad, and (yet).. never to place the song."

    As John would say,
    "Thank you vvveeeeerrrrrryyyyyyy mmmuuuuuccccchhhhhh..."


      Wonderful words, and I add my thanks to you. I was there too, in 1977 for two 5-day trips. One between Chattanoga and Louisville; the other between Peoria and Florence AL. John was along on both trips and was already a good friend, but those times on the Julia Belle were the only contact I had with Denny Trone. Wish I could have spent more time with him. Some of the folks aboard for those trips are gone now - the Antons, John, Denny and others - but what a magical time it was.


        Stuff of Legend

        And it was special to have known both Captain Trone and John Hartford. My contribution to this dynamic friendship was that I was the one who introduced the two, and so began a relationship that became legend.


          Much obliged...

          "If I've seen farther, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants." -Sir Issac Newton
          I'm glad my words came across with the respect intended. Thank you most kindly.