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Well, here's hoping

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    Well, here's hoping

    I never thought that starting a job on the river would get into my blood the way it has. I have become part of this great big family of very unique people.

    Over this past year, while helping transistion the Delta Queen, I spent as much time on the decks helping as I did inside. In the beginning, we didn't have much help in the way of deck hands, so when the Fat Cat would pull up along side the Delta Queen to off load tourists, I sort of worked myself out to the edge and the next thing you know, I was helping tie her off...of course, being a 115 pound weekling, those ropes were REALLY heavy. But, with my camera in hand, I spent the last 2 years watching some of the best deck hands around, so I guess I must have picked something up...and when I had a chance to mate on the Water Taxi, I did it, and I learned more.

    Since I was the only one with a TWIC card for a while, I was actually the VSO for those boats for a while...who would have thought!!! Gosh, I miss working on the water. I'm probably one of the fastest and most efficient bookkeepers around, but I miss...REALLY miss...all the interaction with passengers and waking up to the peace and bliss of a morning on the water.

    The other night, after a wine or two or three...I was feeling so nostalgic and just surfing through this site, facebook, trying to connect with my river friends when I saw the article about American Cruise Lines buying the Queen of the West. So many of the DQ passengers have gone on these cruises so I thought...hmmm so I sent an email out to Pat Carr to see if she knew anybody I could contact. Now a few days later, the steamboat grapevine is doing its magic and I got an email from Jerry and Lenora Sutphin with a telephone number and contact name. For the last 2 days I've been trying to put together that perfect cover letter for my application. Now I can precede it with a phone call!!

    I'll be working as an H&R Block tax professional through tax season, but wouldn't it be fun to be back on the river on another Queen. Their season does not start until August, so that would give plenty of time for my new grandbaby to be born, (due April 13th)to help my daughter, and then to go out and do something fun for a living that I love to do. Who cares if it's only for a few months and not that much money, and long, long hours. It was such the perfect life! I'd even volunteer to ride one of their vessels and train for free! (but being paid would be okay too...Lord knows I'm broke enough

    I know that there are lots of former employees of Majestic that are just as anxious as I to return to the rivers, but I think I would make an excellent Cruise Director on the Queen of the West. Plus there is so much I know about operations that I could just roll right in to assisting the Hotel Manager too. So, if you know anybody with ACL, I'm going for it, and a good word here or there from somebody who knows me certainly can't hurt.

    Wish me luck...


    After seeing Jennifer in action on the FAT CAT, and spending quality time with her aboard the DELTA QUEEN talking steamboats, I know she is all of the above, and more. What a shame such talent is not being maximized aboard a great boat somewhere on the river. If anyone out there is reading this and can help, I hope you realize what a valuable catch Jennifer would make for your operation.