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RIP Chip Saporiti

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    RIP Chip Saporiti

    Received the following from Clara:

    "Steamboaters! I just got a phone call that my (our) dear friend Chip has joined so many of our friends on that steamboat stage in the sky. Charles (Chip) Saporiti passed away December 16. Could I have a long and two shorts please. "

    The ranks of the DQ entertainment department suffers another loss. Chip was one of the good guys and he joins a stellar lineup in heaven. As an extraordinary entertainer and Steamboatin' Director, he amassed a legion of loving pax and crew members. I'm sure Vic Zipeto had a warm and funny welcome for him.


    Chip's obituary

    It was always a fun and exhilarating experience to accompany Chip, especially when he sang "Corner of the Sky." What a dynamic and commanding stage presence he had! RIP friend.


      What sad news, guys! I read this and messages on facebook and was floored. I am so thankful we have this site and so many others so us steamboaters can keep in touch.

      Rest in peace...and keep the fun going up there till we all get there!

      Something tells me Betty Blake was right...there have to be a bunch of steamboats up there. Otherwise, what will we all have to do when we get there?


        Very, very sad, indeed. I think Chip was the best ever singing "Ol' Man River"; his voice was just perfect and Leonie loves that song ever since she heard it first from Chip on the Mississippi Queen. Hope to see you some day again in heaven, because that's for sure where you are now.
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