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Heavy Fog On The Lower !

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    Heavy Fog On The Lower !

    Greetings From New Orleans ,
    Well , its that time of year again when the weather in the Gulf Coast region of the country gets wet , foggy and plain ugly ! To futher complicate the isuue , as the man once said , " If you don't like the weather , just wait and it will definately change " ! One day this very week , the temperature was in the balmy 70's , and then the next day we experienced snow flurries in the Greater New Orleans area . As some of you may know its one thing to have to deal with these radical weather issues on land and even in an automobile but to have to deal with these weather issues on the water , in the Mississippi River , during relative high water and then to add fog into the mix , then you really have your hands full and it will put to the test even the best Pilots and navigators that work their trade on this countries river system . This inclimate weather certainly makes any Pilot or master of a vessel appreciate his radars and other electronic equipment that he may have at his disposal . Well , the way we see it in the NOBRA pilot association , just another day at the office !
    Smooth Sailing !
    Ted Davisson
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    I have seen what a pain fog like that can be in the NOLA harbour. Watching the Pilots of all kinds of vessels deal with it! As a mere Riverlorian I marveled at the skill these professionals display whilst doing such hard work.

    All the work aside, it is a beautiful thing, too. The Lord has given us some true beauty in nature, hasn't he?