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    Steam AT Howards

    The last thread was getting a little long, so I thought I would start another. What a weekend it was. I know of no other time or place where the three best calliope players on this earth were mated with a sweetly tuned instrument playing for an audiance of true steamboaters. It was one of those magical times.
    My sister Harriet would have loved it.
    Picture 1...Capt Charlie Lehman enjoying the concert.
    Picture 2...Travis and Keith sharing a river story
    picture 3...Dave Morecraft entertains the Sunday crowd.
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    Here's another picture of the .orgers at today's festivities. Look at what you've done Franz.....if it weren't for you this never would have happened.
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      JIM;; it was a Great time and THANKS Again for haveing us ,..:)
      so GOOD to see so many old and new friends...
      Im setting in my hotel room barely able to stay awake, but trying to post some vids to U tube ,, ILL post them here as soon as they are up..

      here is some random shots...

      1 the pilot house display.
      2 the Howard mantion
      3 Ted GuiLLaum and his Organ
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        One new video uploaded ,..
        the DELTA QUEEN WALTZ played by Travis .
        More soon :)

        YouTube - Steam CaLLiope 44. Travis plays the "DELTA QUEEN WALTZ"


          WOW what a day of fun. I'm so glad I hightailed it out of Atlanta late Saturday afternoon and made it back to Indiana, so I could join in the fun on Sunday. Don't tell my family, they think I stayed in Atlanta, as by being at the Howard I missed another family bridal shower on Sunday.

          Thanks Jim for the added bonus of the calliope. Believe it or not, I didn't cry when Travis was playing the DELTA QUEEN Waltz!


            Steam CaLLiope Requests

            Here are some of the new videos I've posted to U tube,from the HOWARD Museum, with some of the request that were posted last week...

            Shipyard Sam; here is (AVALON)

            YouTube - Steam CaLLiope 44, Dave plays "AVALON"

            BOB R. here is(Eli Greene's Cake Walk) in the Vic Tooker style..

            YouTube - Steam CaLLiope 44 , Travis plays "Eli Greene's Cake Walk"

            Enjoy , more comin soon...


              nice videos, Dave. keep them coming!!


                Thanks, Dave AND Travis for the Eli Greene's!