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Live Steam at Howard's Chatauqua

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    Good shot of your calliope, Dave, with the Mansion in the background. I've never 'met' your calliope in person - hopefully one of these days! Imagine that Keith is very busy, since he'd planned on Judy being there to help out. Jo Ann and Phillip will both be there today, so maybe they can lend a hand.......

    I'm sorry to have missed it, but can't do them all.



      Thanks Pat,,
      Heres a U tube I shot yesterday, shows a little more of the Museum and grounds ..

      Sorry to hear of your storm damage Judy, hope things are ok..

      YouTube - Steam CaLLiope 44 ,Travis plays the Natchez And The Robert E. Lee


        What a perfect day!!!! Beautiful weather, great calliope music, welcoming .orgers....good dinner and conversation at Kingfish. I had a delightful day! Thanks to all!!


          The weather was great and there were plenty of dot orgers out there, wish I could have made it out to dinner with everyone but I had something to take care of. Here's a pic of all of us with Dave and his Calliope 44!
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            Hey all,

            What fun we had at the Howard Museum the last two days with the Chautauqua and Dave's calliope! As the weekend went on, I tried to remember and play all requests we had posted on here. Dave assures me he will post them on YouTube for everyone to see (at least the ones he had the opportunity to record).

            If I forgot anything anyone time we are near a calliope together just ask and I will gladly do it (unless I don't know it...then I will tell you a good story instead!).

            We had a great attendance from the .orgers at the house on Sunday. I had the pleasure of meeting some of our lurkers and got to see several past past passengers from my days on the DELTA QUEEN, MISSISSIPPI QUEEN, AMERICAN QUEEN, and BELLE OF LOUISVILLE. What a treat!

            After the festivities at the mansion a few of us met at Kingfish in Jeffersonville, IN for a dinner. They put us in the back room where it was a little warm (or maybe it was the sunburn I am nursing as this is written). Thanks to a great crowd of steamboaters we had some VERY lively conversation! If what we discussed actually happened...we would have solved all the worlds problems and created world peace...not to mention Saved the DELTA QUEEN! If you weren't there...we missed you.

            Next year at the Chatutauqua I think we need to put some steamboaters in a cage and let them talk about steamboatin...the public loves eavesdropping into our conversations why not make it a sanctioned event? It should of course, be right next to the calliope...right?

            Attached are a couple of pictures I took this weekend. On Saturday Kalliope Keith emerged triumphant from his laying of hands on the keyboard of Steam CaLLiope 44. He sounded as if he never left his post as Calliopist aboard the BELLE OF LOUISVILLE. Also, I have attached a pic of the wagon with the Howard Manse in the background...there were always too many vehicles in the way to get a good picture...but, you get the idea from the pic.