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" Our Lives Are Defined By Opportunities Even Those That Are Missed " !

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  • Shipyard Sam
    Lucky U ...

    You are a very lucky guy to have such people in your life who took an interest in you and mentored you in such positive ways that ultimately shaped your destiny ... and so am I.

    I wonder how many lives that certain Captain influenced? More, I'll bet, than we could ever imagine.

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  • Bob Reynolds
    Thank you for that wonderful story, Ted. Bert Peck was a musician on my 2nd trip as a passenger, in 1973. He continued to work the boat of and on for the next several years, and in my last couple of years on the boat when I was mate, he would be my frequent breakfast companion in the officer;s mess -- Bert was an early riser, and I was on my way to bed after pulling the after watch. And MAN he could play those vibes! I told Bert once that I thought he was the best vibes player there was, and he said, "That makes two of us!".
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  • " Our Lives Are Defined By Opportunities Even Those That Are Missed " !

    Greetings From New Orleans ,
    First of all , I am sure that many of you are probably thinking just what in the world is Davisson rambling off on today but please bear with me and allow me to explain . The quote from the movie , The Curious Life Of Benjamine Buttons , " Our Lives Are Defined By Opportunities , Even Those That Are Missed " , are just a few of the many deep and probing quotes in this movie that deserve mention . Secondly , the movie was partially filmed in the New Orelans area with quite a few local scenes of the river , the French Quarter , the street cars , tug boats , ships and one other thing that I appreciate is that the actors did not attempt to distort a true New Orleans accent . If you have not had an opportunity to see this movie , I would highly reccomend it if for no other reason than to see the local New Orleans sights and culture . Now having said that , what caught my ear , was the quote in the movie " Our lives are defined by opportunites and even those that are missed " , and they really do define our lives and I am a perfect example of that . Prior to my career on the river , I worked at a Shakey's Pizza parlor on weekends in high school and on one night I was taking a break and I just happened to strike up a conversation with the banjo player by the name of Mr. Bert Peck . In the course of our conversation I mentioned to Bert that for the most part I had , had it with flipping pizzas and if he knew of anyone that was hireing . Well , without hesitation , he told me of an acquaintance of his , a man by the name of Captain Earnest Wagner and of an old steamboat called the Delta Queen and that I could use his name as a reference . Well , I took his advice and went to the Avondale ship yard where the Delta Queen was in her winter layup and meet this Captain named Wagner . At first he told me that they had a full deck crew but when I mentioned Bert Peck's name , without hesitation he gave me a second look and hired me on . So , there you have it , had it not been for a job working in a pizza shop , had it not been for a slow night , had it not been for an old banjo player named Bert Peck , had it not been for a Captain named Wagner , had it not been for the ability to aquire the time and trips on an unlimited tonage steamboat , in all likelyhood I would not be piloting ships on the Mississippi River today . So no telling what other opportunities and yes even those that were missed would have taken me off in some other direction in life .
    Serious Food for thought folks and have you ever pondered in your own life , just what opportunities entered your life to steer you to where you are today ??
    Hope you enjoy the movie !
    Smooth Sailing !
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