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    technical issues with the message board

    Every now and then I get questions about issues with the message board, usually this is you can't login, or the message board logs you out as soon as you click somewhere or it logs you out when trying to send a private message.

    I'd like to give some general advice on how to handle these issues here.

    a) What web browser are you using? if the answer is "MSN Explorer" or "Internet Explorer version 5.5 or 6", please consider updating to the newest version Internet Explorer 8 or consider installing an alternative browser like Firefox. Internet Explorer 5.5 and 6 are VERY OLD browser versions causing a lot of trouble as they're not compliant with modern web standards. Also, they're a significant security risk for your computer.

    b) What kind of Internet access are you using? If the answer is "AOL", please contact me directly if you run into trouble. My favorite advice is: Change your Internet access provider as AOL is a constant cause for trouble as their software doesn't care about modern web standards and especially interactive websites like forums can't handle the weird behaviour of AOL.

    c) If you forgot your password you can order a new one here: Message Boards - Lost Password Recovery Form

    d) If you're using the newest browser version and if you're accessing the Internet through another service than AOL, here are step-by-step instructions what to try when you run into problems. If, after performing these actions, still have problems, please e-mail me.

    1) Start your web browser, go to the message board and make sure you're logged out. Then close the browser, restart the browser and make sure the website is NOT open.

    2) Now delete the browser cookies. Depending on the web browser and browser version you're using you'll find this option at various places in the browser options. Usually it's somewhere under "Tools", "Privacy", "Personal Data" or something like this. (browser cookies are storing various data, including your login credentials for the message board. If something goes wrong there, the browser is sending incorrect data resulting in a log-off. Deleting the cookies will reset this.)

    3) Now delete all temporary Internet files. This option can be found about where the cookie option is being located. (Don't worry, you're not deleting any valuable data when performing this action. THis is just locally stored data so website are loading faster as they're available locally instead of loading over the Internet. If the local data is outdated, this might cause problems. Deleting these temporary files will force the browser to load the newest data from the Internet.)

    4) Close your web browser and restart it. Now try to log in to the message board. Hopefully all problems are gone by now :-) If not, please e-mail me.