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Whistle Test Successful

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    Whistle Test Successful

    YouTube - cary4501scaledwhistle
    I'm very excited over the successful test Tuesday of a locomotive whistle designed by Cary Atkinson, using interactive spreadsheets based on the formulas from my research in Flue Pipe Acoustics! Successful whistle design never need be the result of trial and error again! There was no tweaking involved here. Turn up the volume and give it a listen!! I love the echoes!!

    One could also use these spreadsheets to design a whistle for a riverboat.

    Richard: Impressive whistling...congrats on the success. Check your private messages for one from me. Where does 4501 live now? I last saw her in Southern livery here on the CNO&TP Ludlow, Ky yards some years ago. She was dozing in the yards there with steam up and nobody around!! Cap'n Walnut



      I'm having a problem sending a private message to you on this board. You can find your answers on the Steam Whistles group that I moderate at
      steam-whistles : Steam Whistles

      I also moderate a video group dedicated to steam and air whistles at
      YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.

      If you're passionate about steam whistles and want to learn more about them I invite you to join either or both groups.